Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cali Adventure with the bestest friend

Last weekend I needed some Hill time so I headed down south for a night at California Adventure with my bestest friend. Here we are on our way to the park.
After one of the best rides on tower of Terror EVER, we headed over to check out the new cars land. It was my first experience with it and all I can say is If you haven't checked it out yet, DO IT! It's amazing . The decore makes you feel like you are really in the movie!
We even took a pic with "Lightening"!
The lines were remarkably short for a Friday night and we hit up all the big rides in just a few hours. Here we are ready for toy story!
"Say what?" Love bestest friend time, love California adventure, loving life. :)

Best trick or treating EVER!

Last Sunday I was chatting with my friend Allison. I mentioned that we should really plan a trip to DL sometimes soon so we could see the fall decor. She told me that she and some friends were going that Tuesday and invited me to come along. This was no ordinary trip to DL, this was the special Halloween party where you trick or treat and wear a costume. I immediately decided I was in.
We met up after work, donned our costumes and headed out for DL. The decor was AWESOME!
Everywhere you looked the park screamed Happy Halloween!
We got in line and made our way around the park, checking out the costumes, eating candy, and rinding rides. It was amazing how short the lines were.
Allison, Kat and I in costume.
Allison, Nathan, and Kat looking scared in line for Haunted.
During the parade there was this scare crow man right behind us. I was a little creeped out and a little fascinated by his robot like moves. 
You know what this means, Halloween will soon be over, and it's almost time for CHRISTMAS!
Traditional hat pic! Such a fun night, and so much fun to experience Disney land, Halloween style.

Moms are the best

Last weekend my Mom came to visit to watch my nephew in his first primary program. I didn't know she was coming until Thursday and by then, being the social butterfly I am, I already had plan for the weekend. Luckily, however, my Saturday night plans fell through and I got to spend the evening with my Mom, my brother and his family. Here's my Mom and Benny ready for a walk.
Adden rode his bike and protected us from the monsters on the sidewalk.
Me and my Brother. Love him.
Another generation of cheeseballs is born. :)
Benny was being chill and cuddly not his usual go to mood.
After the boys took a bath I brushed Adden's hair, I told him he looked like Justin Bieber...this is the smile he gave me, classic.
Love this kid!
Me and my amazing Mom!
Me, Mom and Adden.
Silly one! It was great to have my Mom here. I just can't get enough of my amazing family.

So I'm crunchy....

Last weekend a couple of friends and I went hiking. Now I know I live in LA...which doesn't really seem conducive to regular hiking, but it turns out it's not as hard to get out into nature as one may think. I looked up some local hikes and we headed out to experience the adventure. The trail was BEAUTIFUL.
The hike ended a a beautiful little waterfall.
Of course we had to take a pic posing all sassy like that. :) Waterfalls tend to bring out the sassiness in people.
Cheese! Love that after hike glow.
After weeks of hot weather  and sunshine the day we went hiking was misty and cool. The leafs on this tree were bright yellow. So pretty.
Yolanda, enjoying nature.
Kendra loving the view
For good measure I decided to do some yoga. Who does love a good tree pose?
The path looked like a scene from a book, it was beautiful!
Me and my roomie, loving the view.
On the way back I decided to start running. I tried to get my friends to join me but they refused...luckily there were 3, 20-something year olds hiking behind us who decided to join me. I ran about half way and then walked the rest, I couldn't risk them not feeling manly after deciding to run up the hill to impress me. It felt great. Then I waited at the top til my friends arrived, jokingly huffing and puffing to tease me.
I practiced my best karate kid impression.
Such a great hike and wonderful to experience a new side of being oh so LA. :)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween starts early this year...

This past weekend I went to a Halloween party. Yep it's early but that's the way we do it in LA apparently. Here I am with my friend Amber (the disco queen), looking hott and feeling good.
After we did some mingling we got our fortunes told by the gypsy/hostess. :) Turns out my future is looking bright. :) According to this crystal ball.
My friend Ryan was awesome looking in his zombie attire trying to eat some brains.
Chill'n with new friends at the party.
Our diva fortune teller. :) You can trust that she know what she's talking about.
Doing some yoga in costume.  It was a great party and since I LOVE dressing up it was a great way to start out the season.

It's official I'm a Yogi!!!

Awhile ago I got a text from my Aunt asking me to send her a photo of myself doing something I love/ representing where I'm at in my life today. So last since I don't have many pics of just me and I've really been getting focused on getting fit. In May I started taking private yoga lessons from this lovely lady Amber (http://www.kickstandfit.com) and I am amazed at the progress I've made. She is a very patient and knowledgeable teacher and has helped me to progress beyond anything I ever thought I would be able to do! So since I've come so far I decided to send a photo of me doing yoga. As I was going through the photos I was reminded of the scene in  movie "while you were sleeping" where Sandra Bullock goes to Peter Gallagher's characters apartment and finds his mantle is filled with photos of himself...so I just want to reassure you my readers that I do not, I repeat I DO NOT, have any of these photos printed or up in my apartment. :)
Side plank. 
Warrior 2! Love the way my arms look.
Head stand unsupported. This is harder than it looks.
Warrior 3...I think
Frog...such a hard pose.
That's right folks I can touch my toes.
Looking like a yogi!
folding myself in half.
Yep those are my feet.
Half moon
Warrior 1
Warrior 1
Warrior 2 on the wall!
Almost triangle.
Triangle pose.
Downward facing dog in the streets.
Proud warrior in the street. I was so happy with the way they turned out. Yoga, it's the best thing I've could have done for myself. :)