Friday, November 12, 2010

Brianna's Birthday Weekend

Last weekend we celebrated my Sister Brianna's Birthday. On Friday we got together with a few of our friends in San Luis and had a party. Here's all the happy partiers.

Peace...Brianna's go to picture pose. :)

We played some wild games of pit.

And had yummy birthday cake washed down with laughter and costco pizza.

The next day we had a family birthday party for Brianna. Matthew, Carrie and Adden came to join in the celebration. After a yummy dinner we let our food settle and took a walk. Here I am with my sister-in-law and adorable nephew....who apparently wasn't into taking pictures at this point.

Most of the family came along on the walk.

Here I am with Adden looking over the fence at the neighbors animals

Sisters are the best!

Sisters & Cousins the best friends a girl could ask for.

Especially cause we can all be ourselves...apparently Katie and I have a similar way of expressing ourselves.
When we got back from our walk we were ready for cake...Dad and uncle Kevin even came to get us and let us know it was time for something sweet. Great weekend. Great Family. Love it!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Halloween 2010

For Halloween this year my sisters and I went to our singles ward dance. Here we are ready to party it up. I was a pirate, Brianna a vampire, and Callie a gypsy.

Here we are in character.
I was a sassy pirate, but somehow this didn't stop my bishop from asking me to read his palm...he thought I was a fortune teller pirate apparently.

The next day our institute service project where we helped run a carnival for kids, here's Brianna helping to run the bean bag toss booth.

Somehow I got picked to help with the costume contest! I was the one who lead the groups of children in front of the judges in parade fashion. It was a good times and fun to see all the adorable costumes the kids had.

Here we are showing off our Mormon helping hands. (that's what our shirts said). Lovely day and great way to celebrate Halloween weekend.