Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend 2009

Last weekend I went home for Thanksgiving. My sister Brianna who goes to BYU came home as a surprise to everyone, except me cause I picked her up at the Oakland airport on my way home. Hearing my Moms shriek of surprise,which woke my Dad from a sound sleep, when she saw Brianna was priceless! The next day we met up with friends to introduce Callie to sushi! Here we are at the restaurant.

Here's my yummy meal

Myriah enjoying her sushi

Brianna enjoying her soup.

Callie she likes it, cant you tell?

Myriah and I looking very thanksgiving-ish in the park in Paso.

Callie and I in the park.

Myriah and I in the park looking very fallish and cute.

Brianna and I ready to rake Grandma's yard...looking hardcore....well Brianna is anyway

Peace sign is what we do best!

Cal, Brianna and I looking cute.

Cutest Baby ever!!!

Family walk down Barns road on Thanksgiving.

The siblings on Thanksgiving day--Me, Matthew, Brianna, Callie

Cousins picture with a lovely sunbeam-Addie, Sadie, Me, Brianna, Callie, Katie

One without the cute.

A silly one.

After our gingerbread house making...Brianna and I made one together

Brianna and I with our Christmas tree before we cut it down to take it home.

Me and my Mom at the Christmas tree farm.

Me and my brother Matthew at the Christmas tree farm.

Adden enjoying the fall foliage.

I love this pic....the lighting is beautiful.

On our last night together I got to read Adden a story, so sweet. It was an amazing trip home and I cant wait until Christmas.

Sub-for-Santa Adventure!

Being activities co-chair is an adventure. On the weekend before Thanksgiving our ward hosted our annual sub for Santa auction to make money to give Christmas to kids in Oakland who otherwise wouldn't have Christmas. Our responsibility as a committee was to decorate the institute for the invent. We met the Sunday before and had a general plan of what we were going to do but were still trying to think of ideas of what to do for table decor. It turned out the night before we still didn't have anything solid to go on. So in the morning I went to Micheal's and bought some fake Christmas tree swags and scented pine cones along with various Christmas like decor like plastic cranberries, gold stars, and candles. Then I brought them along with my trusty glue gun to the institute and we went for it. We just got creative and made center pieces for all the tables. They turned out fabulous. This is my favorite one that I made.

I made a pumpkin crumb cake to auction off in the dessert auction.

Here's the living room at the institute after we decorated. Cozy, aye?

Gar (our RSP), Katy (our wonderful new convert), Kathy (every one's friend), Me, Karina (the amazingly creative one)--friends @ sub for Santa.

Allison my roomie who made this beautiful tarts that sold for $90 at the auction!

Me and my Roommates Sam and Allison at Sub for Santa, so cute!

Joanne (my decorating buddy), Vickie (the founder of the feast), Me, Amy (the spunky side kick to Vickie in this great endeavor) after it was over and we could all go home! It was a great night and we (everyone involved did SO much) made record amounts of money to give lots of families in our stake a nice Christmas, so exciting!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Weekend!

On Friday My sister Callie and my cousin Sadie came up to Berkeley to go to the Halloween party/dance with me. Here we are: Rainbow bright, miss Peacock, and Miss scarlet!

Here I am with my freind Naz and I at the party. Naz is on the activities committee with me and we worked on the haunted house which turned out amazingly!

Rainbow bright and Jem...My friend Chiquies and I decided to bring back the 80's this Halloween!

Kathy was a chalk outline (quite cleaver), I was Rainbow bright, and Megan had and amazing Cleopatra costume.

Amy and I looking cute for the halloween party! We are both on the activity committee and did a ton of haunted house work together, it was lots of fun.

Me and my friend Katy (she's the YSA rep) the girl in-charge of the whole party she did a great job.

Emron and his friend not only danced "thriller" like a dream but also scared the pants off of everyone who came through the haunted house!

On Saturday I went home and went with my parents to their ward Halloween party. Here I am with my Dad see the family resemblance?

At the party I got to see my friend Jana who is married and moved back to the old home town. It was fun to see her!

I had forgotten how beautiful the ranch is in the fall! So amazingly beautiful!

My brother, my sister-in-law, and my nephew Adden were home for the weekend as well so I got to see them on Sunday. Here I am chasing my little nephew around the house (he's dressed as an owl soooooooo cute). It was an amazing weekend!

Disney Land in October!

So I've been putting off updating my blog, thinking to myself how many events I would have to blog about....turns out it was really just one big post about our trip to Disney land! One Thursday I drove home (to my parents house) and met up with my Mom, my sister Callie, my cousins Sadie and Addie, and my good friend Hillary and headed down to LA where we met up with my sister Brianna and drove out to a hotel right across from Disney Land. Then next day we headed out to the park. Here we all are (note our stripey matchie-ness) ready for a day of Disney fun.

We were all excited to go on the rides....Hillary not so much when it came to it's a small world but we dragged her along anyway.

One of the things I love most about hanging out with my family is how funny we all find each other.

...I guess we just don't have what it takes to pull the sword from the stone...

Mom & daughters!!!

Sticking together on the Spooky haunted mansion. Hil, brianna, Sadie, Callie and I.

Classic infront of the castle pic. Cal, me, Addie, Sadie, Brianna, & Hill.

On the Matterhorn.

Getting wet on Splash mountain.

Soaked after splash mountain. Me, Addie, and Hill got soaked!

Lov'n the 3-D glasses on Toy story ride!

Me and my sister Callie on Toy story our favorite ride!
Me, Brianna, and Sadie taking a rest at the end of the day.

Glowing bracelet group handshake.
It was an amazing day and a much needed break from the stresses of life!