Saturday, April 14, 2012

Observatory...another day of being oh so LA.

Yesterday I had lunch in Griffith Park with my friends Chris and Amy. We got lunch from whole foods and ate on a picnic table in the sunshine. It was beautiful. After we ate we decided to explore the park a bit and headed up to the observatory. Turns out it's a popular place to be on a Saturday afternoon.

There's many cool things to see at the observatory including this thing that shoots out electrical impulses, they said some other things about how cool it is but I didn't take notes, so if you want to know have to go check it out, meanwhile you can check out this really cool photo.

There is a beautiful view from the observatory grounds.

So we took photos. Me and Amy-fast friends and twin souls.

Me, Amy, and Chris...after several failed attempt on my part to take a group photo Christ took over and got this beauty.

Turns out you can see the hollywood sign from the observatory grounds too. Here are Amy and I trying to be LA...but Chris and his goofy facial expressions left us not at all LA looking but at least we are genuinely smiling. It was a beautiful day with great friends.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter on the homestead

Last weekend I went home for Easter with the family. Saturday I didn't take any photos but it was a beautiful day spent in Moro Bay (Easter egg hunt and food with my sister-in-laws fam), shopping for an Easter dress with my Mom, and a party with a few friends at my parents house to finish off a wonderful day. On Sunday I spent the morning preparing food while my parents went to pick of Callie from her roommates house in Fresno so she could be home for spring break. After a delighted welcome home to Cal we all headed out to Church were we sang hymns and heard wonderful full of testimonies of the resurrection of our Savior. After church we snapped a few shots of us in our winter Garb. Me, Adden, Matthew, Callie.

While the food cooked we got to hang out with this little guy. Brianna was feeding him yogurt which I will neither confirm nor deny being an accomplice to. You can see by the look on his face he likes to eat in true Griffith style.

I was most proud of the Jello I made it had 9 layers and was delicious!

Hill came to hang out while she waited for her family to get home from church, she surprised them by coming home for Easter.

While we were waiting for dinner to finish cooking Adden and I were playing outside it was such a beautiful evening.

Then came the family photo shoot while we were waiting for the whole group to gather we took some small group shots. Me, Callie, Sadie. Sadie looks quite sassy doing you think?

Me, Callie, Sadie, Brianna.

Mom, Dad, Me.

Shayla who we adopted into the family is one of the besties from our singles ward. She a recent convert (over a year) and the sweetest and most faith filled person you'll ever meet.

Sisters circle with my sisters. Brianna, Me, Callie

Benny and I.

The whole family on our beautiful Ranch.

Now a silly one.

Girl cousins.

Original cousins.

Cousins LOVE. It's impossible to describe how much I love and admire these beautiful and talented women.

The next day I was able to take off work and spend the day with my sisters. :) Callie and I at Avila.

Sisters at the beach, oh so matchie-matchie.


Callie and I on the pier. Lovely day and such a wonderful way to end an amazing weekend.