Monday, February 27, 2012

Some truths about me & iceskating.

For those of you who have known me really well you know three things about me.
1. I hate the snow. In spite of the fact that I went to BYU-I AND served a mission in NY I'm not a fan of the snow.
2. I love skating. I spent many a Saturday at a skating rink in Paso with all my girlfriends in my early teens. We went so often we even know the guys who worked there and had nicknames for them.
3. I love know the Olympic speed skater who wrote "zero regrets" one of my favorite books of all time.
So now that you know those things if you didn't already here's what I did last weekend. I went ice-skating with my brother, his wife and their family and it was great. When I put on my ice-skates I was a little's been at least 5 years since I last went ice-skating or skating at all. This is what I discovered:
1. I still really love to skate! (it only took me one time around to get my feet under me).
2. Even if I'm totally uncoordinated in my everyday life...I look pretty graceful when I put on a pair of skates.

In honor of Apolo we took speed skating pics (Matthew was 100% against taking this pic...I think he only took it because I agreed to come skating with him in spite of the fact that I had to work that morning and I was super tired).

I look tough...and a little drugged...but I'm ready for the race.

Benny, Carrie, and Adden cheering us on. Adden and Carrie both tried out skating but weren't too impressed.

Having a great time on the ice skating along to the music like the good old days. My only complaint: They didn't play anything by ace of base. :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Favorite things Party

A couple of weeks ago was my sister-in-laws birthday. Yes, I have noticed we have alot of family birthdays within a couple of weeks of eachother. Carrie decided to celebrate her birthday in style this year and throw herself a "favorite things" party. Everyone invited was instructed to wear his or her favorite outfit, bring a favorite food item, and bring a favorite item (book, photo, movie, pretty much anything)

Here's Hillary and Adden ready for the party to begin.

Kathy (Carrie's sister) and I ready for dinner to begin.

The table tooked so pretyt with jars of flowers, candy and pretty napkins.

Toasting Dad's fav. beverage. Me, Dad, and Matthew.

Hill and I toasting our fav. Diet DP. :)

One of my fav people, my Mama.

Love these girls. Me, Hill and Brianna

The boys getting fightsty. Benny, Dad, Matthew, and Adden.

Then it was time to PARTY. So much delicious food, lots of fun conversation, and great games

Here are a few of our favorite things. Mine isn't pictured here but it was drop dead diva season 1, which I love because it's in my opinion a hidden treasure. I love hidden treasures, when you find something great when you're not expecting it. :)

The game really stumped a few people. It was a great way to get to know each other and a wonderful evening to celebrate a great gal.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Birthday weekend # 1

On the weekend before my birthday my parents came into town to help me celebrate. We decided to celebrate the beautiful day by going to the LA zoo. The first thing we saw was the sea lions. Adden was fascinated by their flips.

Dad, Adden, Mom, and I at the zoo. It was a beautiful day in Jan in so. was so warm and sunny.

One of the birds we saw. It was really cool looking and was almost worth braving the smell of the bird cage.

Dad, Mom, Adden, and Matthew checking out the tigers.

There were 2 baby tigers. So cute. That was my favorite thing we saw.

Me, my dad, and my Mom ready for lunch at this great little restaurant in the zoo. These 2 are two of my favorite people and I love visiting with them.

Quite possibly the oldest Rhino alive. It was precious.

Mom and Dad with the Gorilla.

Mom and I at the end of a great afternoon at the zoo. You know for not being an animal's kind of funny that I enjoy the atmosphere and scenery at outdoor animal parks.

That night Carrie made us a delicious dinner!

Matthew even got in on the action making meatballs.

Mom kept Benny entertained with silly faces and noises.

He wasn't as impressed with taking pics with me.

Here I am with the dinner. Spaghetti, Alfredo, chicken and delicious salad.

The next day after a wonderful stake conference which seemed exactly geared to me, and a nap, we went to M & C's friends house to share my birthday cake. Adden helped decorate.

Adden was all ready to help me blow out my candles.

Benny enjoyed his first taste of birthday cake. It was an amazing weekend. Thanks to my Parents for coming and to Matthew and Carrie for all they did to make it so special. I have an amazing family.

The Birthday!

I decided to title this post "the birthday" you know like "the code" ;) On my birthday I went to work. On my way I got a call from my grandma and from my BFF Myriah. Great way to start the day. When I arrived at work I was presented to this cake! My amazing coworker knows how much I love Mango so she got me a Mango cake and some yummy mango juice. She included our administrator too since it was his birthday as well. :) Surprise she presented it to me in front of a room full of people and they all sang happy birthday.

Here I am with my awesome co-worker. She's great.

For lunch my coworkers took me out to lunch and I order a calzone which turned out to be as big as my head! I seriously made 3 meals out of it easy. They are so great I love the rehab team I work with. I also received many happy birthday hugs and songs through out the day from coworkers and patients.

That night I talked to family and my sister-in-law made me yummy taco salad and bought blood orange soda to go with it. My fav. sooo delish! After dinner I went online and retrieved a whole bunch more happy birthday messages. Thanks to everyone who made my birthday great! It was a great birthday!

Birthday weekend # 2

The weekend after my birthday I went down to visit Hillary for a long weekend including a trip to DL!!! Here's Hill, me, and Dale on Pirates! Love it.

Looking cute outside of Mr. Toads. It was a beautiful day and not crowded! It was an Awesome day. Happy birthday to me.

I thought maybe I could pull the sword from the was my birthday celebration after all....alas you can't have everything I guess. :)

On the new Little Mermaid ride. Bestest friends.

I got a piece of chocolate cake with pixie dust on it! So fairy birthdayish of me don't you think?

We had to take some hat pics in keeping with our tradition. Big ears hats!

Dale kept be astonished that my gangster face was so legit, I cant imagine why she would be surprised.

High school musical hat pic! Hill really looks excited about this one.

Newsies hats. Carrying the banner, you know.

The next day we went out to lunch, shopped, made yummy dinner & dessert, and went to see "Make a joyful noise". Such a great day. Anybody who would eat soy cream sandwiches and watch a movie staring Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah with me deserves some kind of award for being the best bestest friend EVER, don't you think? It was a great weekend. Big THANK YOU to Hillary for making it such a great birthday celebration.

Griffith Family Photo Shoot, professional style!

While we were all home for Christmas we had family photos taken, but an real legit photographer. Our good friend Cindy, of Looky Loo photography, took them and the turner out AMAZING! Here's the whole fam. We decided on a plaid was a worry that it might be a big clash of plaid but they meshed well.

Finding Joy in the journey.

Sisters....the only time I'll ever be the tallest. :)

"All the girls" as Adden would say.

My beautiful baby sister.

This kid could not be cuter!

Me, working it...check it. :)

The siblings.

The pics are beautiful! If you're looking for a photographer let me know & I'll give you the info or look her up on facebook. She is so good with children & adults.