Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hiking in SLO!

After all the Christmas cheer, we decided to do some hiking to avoid the "holiday weight" which always seems to creep on around Christmas. Here I am with my sister ready to head out on the hike. The weekend after Christmas we went on a gorgeous hike off of Port San Luis. The view along the trail was amazing and the docent who lead us was super knowledgeable of the coast line.

This is just one example of the gorgeous view.

Here's my sister Brianna, My Mom, My Dad, and I along the trail.

The beautiful coastline from the trail.

At the end of the trail we got to take a tour of this amazing lighthouse. It was a great hike. The weather, the company and the place were the best ever.

Love, Love, Love the Central Coast of California!

Christmas in Paso!

Here's a pic of my sisters and I dressed up for church the Sunday before Christmas! Very festive, don't you think? You can also see our beautiful tree in the background.

While waiting for dinner to be ready we took some snapshots. Here is my cousin Katie, my sister Callie, and I hanging out on Christmas eve.

My Dad giving me a Christmas eve kiss on the cheek.

My sister Brianna, me, and My brother Matthew keeping each other entertained.

After a delicious dinner and some Christmas carols courtesy of my cousins and I our cute grandma was ready for the talent show (or maybe a nap).

Here is my brother Matthew, his wife Carrie, and their son Adden doing their talent show skit. My brother who is in the movie business acted our movies with Adden as the main character (Carrie assisted with props). Here Adden is playing Harry Potter (notice the broom) going for the golden snitch! So great!

At the end of the evening we sat around and enjoyed dessert and each others company. Here I am with my Aunts new puppy, she's so tinny! It was a very merry Christmas eve!

Christmas Tree Look-a-Like!

My family always goes to a near-by Christmas tree farm to find and cut down our Christmas tree. Last year I thought it would be fun if while we were looking for our "perfect tree" if we each also looked for Christmas tree that looked like us. This year we decided to continue the tradition. Here's my dad with his twin tree.

Here's my Mom with her twin.

Here I am with mine!

Here's my sister with her twin!

Here's my sister Callie with her twin.
Now go ahead and let me know which you think is most realistic ;)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2nd Annual Canan Christmas at the Cohens!

I guess I should explain the title of this post. You see last year my friend Isabelle (Canaan) was going to have a Christmas party but had to cancel at the last minute due to illness, my friend Myriah was so looking foreword to the party that she decided to have it anyway only change the location to her house, it thus became the first annual Canaan Christmas party at the Cohen's. This year the tradition continued. We began by hanging out, chatting, and eating food. Here I am with my friend KD! I was so excited to hear about her adventures at BYU-Idaho (she just finished her first semester) I LOVE BYU-I!

Next we decorated some cookies while listening to a Christmas story. Here I am with my friend Hilary, she is great at all things crafty, and you can tell she is have an especially good time by her open-mouthed smile.

Next came snowflake making. Here's my sister Brianna with Myriah's cousin Mary making some killer snowflakes. My snowflake (not pictured, sorry) was given the award of "snowflake that looks most like an ink blot". It was a proud moment for me!

The last activity and my personal favorite was karaoke! Although there is no video (sorry Lesley) I chose this pic because you can really tell we're singing our hearts out! For this "number" My sister Brianna, our friend Myriah, and I were singing back up to our friend Isabelle's rendition of "I wont say I'm in Love" from Hercules...she wants to do a re-enactment at her wedding next spring, it was that good I guess.

Here I am with our lovely hostess! I love the tradition of Christmas parties and getting everyone for some fun! Thanks buddy you're the best.

Long Awaited Phantom Post!

The weekend before Finals my friend Hillary came to visit me! She arrived Friday night and we went and saw the lights at the Temple. So beautiful. On Saturday we got up and got ready to head in to San Francisco to see Phantom of the Opera! Here we are with my roommate Taryn ready to go!

Here's Taryn and I with the cast list, pointing out the name of one of the cast members she knows! After the play we went and met him and he gave us a back stage tour!!! It was amazing to see the stage, props, and costumes plus meet a few of the cast members! SO AMAZING.

Here we are outside of the theater! Super excited about our adventure. After this we headed home and go ready to go to a Christmas party of one of my friends from my ward. Fun, Fun.

On Sunday it rained all day. We went to church and came home to the coziness of the house. Although cooking isn't really my thing...I do cook when I have visitors. Here's the dinner I made for Hillary. Green beans, rice, and apricot chicken (and you cant see in the picture my coffee cake in the oven). Yummy.

Here we are hanging on Sunday afternoon before she had to head home. So much fun to spend the weekend with one my best friends!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving weekend!

I thought I would share some of my favorite Thanksgiving weekend memories with you.
My sisters and I dressed up in silly closes and raked leaves.

We went on several walks on our favorite road near our house.

On thanksgiving day we took some fun pics of all of us girl cousins.

We decorated our personal Christmas Trees and drank eggnog milkshakes (my was made with strawberry sorbet, due to my lactose was actually quite tasty)
I got to spend time with my adorable nephew!

We walked on the beach and enjoyed the beautiful fall weather!


A few weeks ago on a Saturday morning my ward went crabbing. I had never been crabbing before so I didn't know how it I thought I would share my new found knowledge. First you put meat in a cage (we used raw chicken). Then you put the cage in a net and lower it into the ocean.

Then you weight for roughly a decade and hope that the sea lions don't eat your meat before the crabs get to it (we lost our meat a couple of times). Fortunately it was a beautiful day and we had a good time chatting and hanging out, check out the view from our crabbing perch.

Then you pull the net back in.

And see if you have a crab, if you do you pull it out.

And put it in an ice chest...and ice it until you can get it home to cook. This was our one and only crab. At least it was a good time.