Friday, November 14, 2008

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Books, Books, Glorious Books!

Yesterday I went to an amazing used books sale with my new friend Allison and her friend Blair.

I got up early as to be prepared for my 9:15ish pick up time and we headed out over the Bay bridge, and through the woods, to the wonderful book sale.

We started out in the children's section where I actually ended up spending most of my money due to the fact that they had all of the Harry Potter Books (in hard back) for between $4 and $6 each. I was able to get books 1-6 for around $25! I also bought about 10 Bernstein Bear books (in great condition) for 50 cents each.

Then we moved on to the adult section where I made several other purchases before packing up and heading for the car (on a side note my arms are sore today from making this trek...I know I'm a wimp).

Now I know that I probably wont be able to read most of these books for the next couple of years while I'm working on my masters, but I'm 100% behind building a large personal library of wholesome and uplifting material. Good Books are good for the soul!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Weekend!

So I got to go home for Halloween weekend! When I arrived home on Friday evening my sister Callie and I got ready and headed out. Here we are ready to go.

At my families ward Halloween party I got to hang out with my friend Hillary! Here we are looking like the great look'n California girls we are.

After checking out the family ward party we headed out to a party thrown by some friends in our singles ward. Here's a pic taken at the party: Isabelle, Abe, Hilary, Me and ? I don't remember his name but he had a great costume!

Here I am with my friend Peter (he looked so scary)

Here's Ken who was dressed up as Peter! He so perfectly portrayed Peter, his costume was my Fav.

Here's a pic I took of the pumpkins at a pumpkin farm we went too! Pumpkins are so pretty and fallish!

Here I am with my brother and sister, Enjoying the beautiful fall weather at the pumpkin farm!

Here's a 4 generation pic we took at the pumpkin farm: My Dad, My brother, Adden (my nephew), and Grandpa Dean!

Here I am getting to know my nephew Adden...I was having a good time and he looks like he's thinking "wow you're crazy...I think I like that about you"

Here's Adden cuddled up to my Mom. My Mom said I l0ved to be rapped up and sleep like this when I was a baby! He's so cute!