Saturday, April 23, 2011

Callies visit

Last week my baby sister came home from BYU-Idaho for spring break. We started the week off right by taking a hike on our property and wading in the creek soaking up that California sunshine.

That evening we had a BBQ at Lagoona lake with a bunch of friends to's a great place... if you don't count the wind and all the disgusting geese that plagued us. :)

On Wednesday we went down to southern California to visit our brother and his family. While we were there we got to play pirates with this little guy, complete with a treasure hunt. Aaaarrrr matey!

We also got to meet this little guy, our new nephew Ben. So cute.

On Friday Callie and I took a hike with friends, here I am with our friend Ariel, ready to go.

Love, love my sister.

On Saturday, our last day together, we took a family walk in Moro Bay. It was a beautiful day and wonderful to be near the ocean and with these great people.

Guess who!? I've been wanting to take some shadow pictures this one turned out great!

It was a great week and it went by too fast, we miss her already.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Climbing a mountain...

Today was a beautiful day on the central coast. My sister Brianna, our friend Heidi and I headed to SLO to go hiking. Here I am on the trail, loving the great outdoors.

Brianna did a good job keeping us entertained during our breaks.

The view was gorgeous all the way up!

Here we are at the top!

All three of us made it to the top!

I'm so blessed to live in such a beautiful place!

On the way back to the car me met these guys hanging out in the middle of the path. Gotta love country living.

Karaoke FHE strikes Again!

This past Monday we did karaoke for FHE...some of you may remember the wonderful karaoke St. Patty's day FHE we had a few years was wonderful and oh so we thought we would try it with our new group. It was quite a hit. Here Brianna and Hector start us off with a duet. Hector was quite in to Karaoke...but didn't know any of the songs "in English" (his words not mine) but he was determined to fake it till he made it and belted out the parts he knew...hilarious .

Brianna and I did a great version of "Good-bye Earl" for some reason I look like a character on a children's TV program...I wonder if that's what I look like always when I do karaoke...I hope not.

During breaks in between songs we practiced our "air" instruments. Brianna's air guitar.

Dane's air guitar.

Sadie decided to switch things up with an "air" piano. I like it.

The evening would not have been complete without a duet of "a whole new world". Love, Love Karaoke!

RS Girls night

A few weeks ago our RS had a girls night. Although I've been in the ward for awhile I honestly haven't felt too bonded with many of the girls in my relief society, this experience really changed my perspective for the better. It was so much fun to get to know the girls and bond over jokes, a spiritual message, and lots of chatting. Love it!

My 2nd favorite holiday!

This year for St. Patties day I pretty much had a business as usual day....besides taking Grammy (my adopted grandma) to her haircut. For dinner I made a green dish...sort of. I made homemade pizza dough, covered it with pesto sauce, cheese, green peppers, and sausage.

It not only looked great, but tasted wonderful! I'm becoming quite the Betty crocker.

Happy St. Patties day everyone. :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

One random Sunday....

One Random Sunday evening I was hanging out with these girls. We were just chatting and know the usual...when we thought what would be more fun than see what we look like with facial hair.

Mom was ecstatic about the idea.

Dad looked great with a handle bar mustache.

Brianna preferred something a little more Hitler-esk.

Not being able to grow much facial hair...Sadie decided on lambchops.

Me I'm sporting a long stringy chin beard. Love that facial hair march....thank goodness it didn't last. :)

Trip to So. Cal.

At the end of February I went down to visit one of my best friends Hillary for a few days. I went down on a Thursday and we spent Friday morning in Afternoon at our favorite place Disneyland. :)

One thing I love about Disneyland is the plant life there. This is a bush on it's a small world, so cool!

We took some more hat pics to follow our new tradition. Here we are with our ghetto look.

Truck driver.

Boy scouts.


Attitude. Love, these pics so much fun.

That night I went with her to a fancy party held for her singles branch. It was lots of fun. I met a bunch of her friends, everyone was so friendly and nice. It was so great to be around such a great group of singles.
I stayed all weekend and on. Tuesday we went to the Temple to do some sealings before I headed north. Wonderful vacation.

I got to spend the next day with this little guy! One of my favorite people on adorable nephew adden! We went to the park, to McDonald's of a happy meal, took a nap, and played outside. So much fun.

I came home refreshed and motivated to get busy studying for my licencing exam.