Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentines 2011

I really dont look forward to V-day for rather obvious reasons. This year it was great though. In the morning Brianna and I went to the gym and got our physical fitness on. After the gym we met our Grandma for breakfast at this great diner in Paso. Yummy! In the afternoon we met up with our cousin Tiana at Grandma and Grandpas house and cuddle her little girl Ava. So adorable. That night we had a great FHE with our north county FHE group. It was a great day way to go Valentines day 2011 you knocked it out of the park.

My Birthday 2011

It's been a few months since my birthday but my computer wasn't working for awhile, but I finally got things figured out to make this post. Here I am with my birthday banner made by my Mom...I can't believe I'm 30!

On my birthday everyone had to work so I met my Mom for lunch at one of my fav. restaurants in Paso, delicious! After lunch I went and got a pedicure. This place was awesome the chair was super comfortable, the water was warm and they used warm stones with lotion during the massage portion. AMAZING.Then I came home to lots of facebook messages from friends and family.

That evening I got flowers from my Dad and from one of my best friends.

I also received my Masters Degree in the mail, my goal was to get my masters before I was 30, and I did it. :) That night my Mom made tacos, we watched a movie, and my Dad built a fire to make smores. It was a great day.

Over the weekend, one of my best friends Hillary came home to visit for my birthday. We went to the coast, had yummy BBQ lunch and spent some times exploring the tide pools.

There were TONS of star fish out that day. Loved it. After exploring we went and looked through shops and then ate lemon cake. Another great day.

Hillary got me a Carmel apple from Disneyland. Yummy.

Then the next weekend my parents threw me a birthday party. Lots of family and friends came and it was a BEAUTIFUL day. Here I am with the girls Jana, me, Brianna, Tiana, and Annie. It was such a fun day.

Here I am with the lady who made it all happen. Love, Love my Mom! Thanks to everyone who helped make may birthday special.