Saturday, October 8, 2011

The final good-bye party

The Friday before I left I had a few friends over for a final good-bye party (already planned before my surprise :)) Here we all are DJ, Kylie, Shayla, Brianna, Erin, Sara, Rachel, Me, Mary, Carrie, M, D, and Provish.

Me and Brianna at the party.

Besties Pic: Brianna, Mary, Rachel, Shayla, Me!

Kylie mad some delicious cupcakes with oreos cooked into the bottom...I saw them on her blog and told her about how amazing I thought they looked and she offered to make them for my party! What a sweet heart! I was excited if you can't tell.

My friend Carrie and I. Carrie and I go way girls camp, to reporting our missions to the high council on the same day, to now this time I was home we were friends.

Another group shot: Provish, Sara, me and D. Hanging out. It was a great night. I'm going to miss my friends.

PS...if you noticed my hair looks 100 times better in these pics it's because my amazing cousin Katie cut if for me....just before I was about to cut it all off it looked so bad. Thanks Katie.