Sunday, July 29, 2007

New Dress

Ok so you're going to have to tilt your head to the side to see this one (new program, hard to figure out, nuff said) ....anyway here's me and myriah ready for the 80's formal dance it's not the best picture of my dress but it has tule underneat to make it flare out and it made me feel like a princess. I love it! Also my hair was crimped, with a really fine crimper, it took me about an hour and from far away it really just looked a little bit ratted, oh well though it was a good time and we extended the 80's feel to today by making it once again side-pony sunday!

Myriah's grad/homecoming party

Apparently it's the summer for me to plan parties, Last weekend I planned a homecoming/graduation Party for my BFF/roommate from college Myriah who is from here and finally came home. So the plan was to roast corn in sea water, something I've always thought sounded slightly questionable but I figured it was worth a try since the water is boiling after all, I arrived at the beach at 2:30 in the afternoon (the party didn't start until 6:30 since it was a bonfire) but all of the fire pits were already taken, so I was forced to claim a fire ring instead and thought we would have to forget about the salt water cooked corn...fate intervened however and just before the party was going to start a pit opened up right beside where I had camped out and we were able to do it right. This pic is the beans which were placed directly on the coals to heat for those that wanted to make their hot dogs, chili dogs. It worked out smashingly although I was a bit sceptical at first.

Here's Myriah, Amanda and I ready to drop the corn into the pot, it was really yummy and nobody got sick so if you're thinking about trying it, DO it. It was a great time, congrats Myriah. Here's to the summer of party planning.


To celebrate the coming out of the 7th Harry Potter book My friend Myriah, my sister Callie, and I went to the party at a Bookstore nearby. Here we are dressed and ready for the party. Note: Myriah and I were both dressed as Hermione although I told her that due to her jet black tresses she should be Cho Chang, she refused however because Hermione is so much cooler, I have to agree with her on that one...

Here we are at the party with a lady who had a very authentic costume of Professor sprout, she was actually carrying a basket with fruit and vegi's in it.

Here we are with Professor McGonagall we were very impressed by her costume but kind of freaked out when she walked by and said "hello, sister's it's been awhile"...but we took a pic with her anyway, it was like being at Disneyland.

Here's the boxes of books being pulled up to the registers, I stepped on a woman's foot to get this pic. Notice that it says "do not open until July 21st, 2007" on the tape holding them closed. So cool. It was a really great time and for sure worth staying up for.

Friday, July 6, 2007

After starting off our 4th of July with our stake flag raising ceremony, we took our traditional trip to visit my granddad's grave where we left some flags.

After a BBQ at Grandma's house we had a big water fight, here's my brother Matthew and I sporting our guns!

The BBQ was also a party to celebrate our graduations. All 5 of us graduated within the past year. Matthew (Columbia Film school), Carrie (Cal State Northridge-Child Development), Me (BYU-Idaho - Health Science), Callie (High school), Katie (high school). GO US!

Carrie, Kathy (her sister) and I chill'n in the shade -- trying to keep cool in the 100 Degree weather.

Last weekend my family and I went down to southern California for my brother's graduation from film school. Here we (Me, Matthew, and Callie) on our way to the graduation.

The best part of the graduation trip for me was the fact that I discovered that DUMBLEDOR IS NOT DEAD! He is very much alive and well and even MC'ed my brother's graduation. It was fantastic.

Matthew and I after the graduation, both of us graduated within a little over 6 months! Go Griffith kids!