Sunday, February 24, 2008

Family Pictures

One of our goals during our week as a family was to take new family pictures. Well things didn't go quite as planned so we didn't get many pictures of the whole family...and I personally didn't get any so here's some of my fav. snapshots that I got with my camera. Above is my Brother Matthew and I.

Here's my Dad and I.

Here's me and my sisters (L to R: Tara, Callie, and Brianna) and I reunited. What a good look'n family.

Family Trip!!!

To celebrate Brianna coming home we thought we would take a family trip. A friend offered us the use of their time share in Solvange for really cheep, so, although I had my concerns about Solvange being really boring we packed up and headed out. First we stopped in San Luis to eat at a Tia restaurant to celebrate my sister-in-law Carrie's birthday. Here Carrie and I are with our dinner, yum.

Here are Brianna and I taking a break from shopping in down town Solvange. What up, Yo!?

Here are Me, Brianna, and Matthew doing the chicken dance in front of a waterfall that we hiked to outside of Solvange. So the conclusion is Solvange actually ended up being a really great time mostly because I have such a really great family.

Brianna's home and Deer Pictures

So a couple of weeks ago my sister Brianna got home from her mission. Yippee. The Sunday after she got home we had an open house for her at our house after church. My sister Callie, our friend Hillary and I got kinda bored so we decided to pose with the really "po-dunk" deer antlers my Dad insisted on putting on a pole in our friend yard. Above is Callie's picture.

Here's Hillary...

Here's Me (according to Brianna this is my signature pose)....Good Times.

Since this is a post dedicated to Brianna's homecoming I should include a picture with her so here's our cousin Tiana, Brianna, and I hanging out. We're so excited to have her home.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Birthday Party!

Last weekend My BFF Myriah and I had a joint Birthday party! Here we are ready to celebrate.

Here's my cake (yellow cake with chocolate frosting that our friend Isabelle made. She's amazing.

Here is some of our friends doing our birthday quiz...they look a little confused.

Here we are blowing out our candles, we were pretty intense! It was a really great party.


I decided in December after attending the Melodrama with my friend Myriah and her family that because it was just "so great" that for my birthday I just had to go agian. We didn't actually go on my birthday because it worked out better to go on Saturday because of my Dad's work schedual and the fact that my brother and sister-in-law would be coming into town late Friday night. I don't know if you know this about the melodrama located in Pismo beach area but the always devote a few minutes before the 2nd portion of the show begins to recognizing everyone who has had a birthday or anniversary that month, and everyone claps for you, it's exciting! My favorite part of the show by far was their comedic verson of the musical Le Mis. it was hilarious. So here we are after the show (notice we're all smiling, cause it was really great) above is me with my Mom and Dad and below with my sister-in-law Carrie, my sister Callie and my brother Matthew. Good times.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

On January 25th I turned 27, wow...good thing I'm young at heart. For my birthday my Mom and sister Callie set up a scavenger hunt with 27 clues leading me to my presents. Here' I am finding a clue in my Mom's snowman tree...which is still up because my Mom promised to keep some Christmas decorations up until my Sister Brianna gets home from her mission (this Thursday) and we celebrate Christmas again. Anyway it was a great time.

Here I am with one of my gifts, birthday roses from my Dad. After the scavenger hunt we had cake and stawberry soy shakes (only mine was soy but I like to pretent nobody else gets to eat real milk because I cant). Then Callie, Myriah and I played games and watched a was a very happy birthday!

Samuel Merritt and San Francisco

The 2nd weekend in January My Mom, My Grandma, and I made a trip to Oakland to Samuel Merritt college where I interviewed for admission to their Masters of occupational therapy program. Which I got into, hurray! After the interview we headed to San Francisco to visit the places where my Granddad (my Mom's Dad) and his family lived. This is a picture of me and my Grandma infront of the house where my Granddad grew up.

Here I am infront of the house that My great great grandfather Tharaldsen built. While I was taking pictures of it from across the street I had a lady ask me "what was so exciting about that house?". I replied, "my great grandfather built it" she seemed curious and asked "was he a famous architect?" I said "nope it's just special to me" and it was special to me. It was really special trip and exciting to be about to see the places where my ancestors lived.