Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Olympics & Apolo!

Yesterday in clinic my partner ( the other student OT that I treat with in clinic) and I were chatting with our client and his wife about the Olympics. They are both in their 70's and have loved watching the Olympics. My roommates and I don't have cable so I haven't had the chance to watch much besides clips on-line. In 2006 however while attending BYU-I my roommate Myriah turned me on to the amazingness of the winter Olympics, and not just the winter Olympics but Apolo Anton Ohno specifically. A few things that I was blown away by:
-his charm
-his talent
-how hott his is!
Anyway during our converation my partner mentioned some athlete she liked and they smiled and nodded. Then I mentioned I am an Apolo fan. All of a sudden our clients wife got a big smile on her face and said "oh I looooove him too, he's just cute as a bug." It was especially hilarious knowing her and her no nonsense personality. The fact that she used he phrase "cute as a bug" just proves the universal charm of Apolo.
I think he could really charm anyone.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Trip to Utah!

For Presidents day weekend I had a 5 day weekend so I flew to Utah to spend the weekend with my sisters. I arrived on a Thursday night and my sister Brianna and I had dinner with my fav. Companions from the mission Tiffany A. and Ema F. Love these girls even after all this time.

This is Ema's little girl, so adorable.

It was freezing in Utah...I send took this pic to authenticate the weather.

On Friday Brianna and I drove up to Idaho to see our sister Callie and spend the weekend with her. Here we are on our way.

We planned the jelly belly game along the way.

On the way we stopped in Pocatello to have dinner with my old roommate Shalyn and her new baby Sari, it was really great to see her.

Here little girl is soooooooo cute.

While I was in Idaho I had my hair highlighted. Here I am right after.

Here we are me and my sisters :)

We had dinner at my fav pizza place in Rexburg. So yummy. The dessert pizza is especially amazing.

Here we are ready for church.

Here we are at BYU-I Brianna and I both went there and now Callie does!!!

We walked up and walked around the Rexburg Temple. It was so pretty.

We took this amazing jumping picture on our way up.

I just cant get way from Oakland.

On Monday we went sledding, here we are sporting our snow bunny look.

We built a snow person. Here's Callie and I with Dorcas our snow woman.

Notice she's sporting a peace sign too! It was alot of fun.

On Tuesday on my way to the airport we went to Bountiful to see my roomie from my first year at BYU-I Brookeh and her family! It was fun to see them after such a long time. It was an great vacation, it was nice to get back to the warm California weather but sad to leave my sisters and vaca behind.

My Birthday!

In January I had my birthday. :) We had an activity planned so I stayed in Berkeley instead of going home. Since my birthday was on a Monday I celebrated all weekend the weekend before. On Saturday I went out to lunch and to some book sales with a few friends which was super fun I didnt take any pics.
Sunday I had a few people over for dinner. Here I am blowing out my candle. That's my roomie Sam in the background who made the cakes. She's a good one.

Happy birthday to me.

Here's the dinner :) So yummy.

Here's Kathy, me, Karina, and Beth enjoying the food. These girls are great.

Katy, Nathan, and Allison liked the food too.

Here's the whole group of us. Our apartment was full to bursting but it was a really great time. I have some great friends.

Another group shot, good looking group. Great Birthday weekend.

I love Photography!

I went home in January for a long weekend. On Monday it was raining so I had to head back to the bay area early. On my way back I decided to make it a bit more of a holiday and stop and take some photos! The drive is beautiful especially when it's green out. This is a photo of the ranch before I left.

Another just before leaving the ranch.

A side rode off the highway...

The river River....So pretty.