Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sometimes I'm like a homemaker!

While living at home and not working I found sometime to be a bit of a homemaker. I cooked meals, made bread (I mixed it in the bread maker, but kneaded it down, let it rise and baked it), and did some sewing.

Here's the apron I made out of a jumper I bought at the thrift store. I cut out the back, Cut the straps to made a halter, and sewed the cut out strips into ties for the back. It wasn't too difficult, thanks to my Mom and her advise. Its fun doing crafty things and cooking, I cant wait to do it for my family some day.

Sometimes we're normal...sometimes.

The Sunday before I left Brianna and I had some fun with some Hillbilly teeth. Here we are doing our Hillbilly model look.

Scary Hillbillies!

Scary/ pick your teeth pic.

Confused Hillbilly

Lovely sisters back to our old selves....I know some people think we're crazy. I blame my Dad.

Mascaraed party...or whatever.

The night after my good-bye party we went to a birthday party for our friend Justine. It was mascaraed themed...Brianna was wearing this lovely hair piece to hide her true identity.

Our friends Katie and Abby were wearing these lovely masks.

I was wearing this lovely disguise...nobody even knew it was me....the best thing about it was when you wind that dot on the nose the mustache and eyebrows twitch. Jess looked pretty with her mask.

Hannah, me, Ian and Rhett Chill'n on the couch. This party was a bit too much for me....soda pong, a strobe light, and TONS of made me appreciate the wonderful small party from the night before. I found myself on the porch swing in the back chatting with friends which was quite enjoyable. Good thing I learned that lesson learned small parties without uncomfortable activities are the way to go.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Most Amazing Surprise/Good-bye party EVER!

I recently moved to Southern California to start my first real job!

The weekend before I left one of my Besties, Mary, invited me to go do a midnight polar bear swim at Avila. "What could be better?" I thought. So I let her know I was in. She said to meet her at her place and we would go to dinner first. I thought okay cool. When I arrived at her house and we got in her car to head to dinner. She told me the restaurant we were going to was a surprise so she wanted me to wear a blindfold. I was okay with that so I put it on. The worst part was when we go there she made me wear it to walk in I was freaked out I was going to trip. When she opened the door and told me I could take it off and I did...there was whole group of my friends staring at me and yelling "surprise"! I was in shock. Turns out Mary along with our other besties Brianna, Shayla and Rachel had been planning a surprise party for me the whole time, those sneaky sneaks. Here I am with Brianna, she did a great job on the food.

Here I am with Shayla and Mary!! What wonderful friends.

Mary bought me blue Gatorade, my fav!

Brianna took pictures of me with pretty much all of the guests. Here I am with Wes Mallet, one of my favorite people on the central coast.

Dillon, me, Dan, Mike Diet.-good people.

My cousin Katie and her bf Mike came too! I was so excited to see them.

My friend Katie R.

Papa Swift showing me a card trick. I was blown away....and I maybe lost a million dollars..

Jake, Jacob, me, Cameron- They are so great!

Todd and I taking a pic without touching....I think we actually pulled it off.

Cameron grossing me out with his mouth full of popcorn. Seriously that kid is hilarious.

Rachel and I are sassy we took a twin pic.

CC and Camby sending me going way love.

After the party was over we all changed into our beach clothes and headed to Avila. Here we are before: Dane, Mary, Rachel, Brianna, Me. Right after this we pretty much handed over our towels, counted to 3 and ran into the water!

Here we are after, still looking happy. The water was actually quite pleasant and it wasn't overly cold when we got out either. Its so wonderful to have friends who want to do crazy things with me & who always make me feel special. LOVE.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Adden's 3!

For Adden's 3rd birthday My Mom, my Dad, B and I drove down to LA on Friday night. We were able to stay at the Temple Apt and do session in the morning which was wonderful. Then we packed up and headed over to Matthew's house for the celebration.

Carrie did a great job decorating the table. In the "Cars" theme.

Lots of bright colored balloons.

Racing round the race track with aunt Brianna.

Mom, Benny, and Dad chilling in the house. You know them always trying to be the favorites. :)

Adden, Aunt Tara, Kathy, Brianna chill'n in the house where it was cool (it was a hot day outside).

Adden blowing out the candles. He did it in one breath, way to go buddy.

My brother and his family: Carrie, Benny, Adden, Matthew

Me and my brother. We were a little worn out after the party.

We had a great time and the party and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon/evening with the family. Aunt Brianna walking Benny around the yard. What a wonderful day to celebrate our favorite 3 year old.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Shayla's Birthday Day of Wonder!

On a beautiful September morning I woke got ready and headed out for a day of fun to celebrate this gem of a girl, Shayla! It was her 20th birthday and she had a day of wonder in store. We started out at Denny's (Shayla's fav. breakfast place) where I was so tired I forgot to take pics (I wasn't use to getting up before 8). Then we were off for a hike in Montana De oro.

It was a beautiful day and Katy and Shayla couldn't help but jump for joy.

classic birthday feet pic. Can you see the boy feet?

Group shot. Shayla, Addison, Katy, Mary

Girl group shot: Shayla, me, Katy, Mary

Shayla took it upon herself to teach us that your tongue sticks to shale (I think that's what it's called) because of it's compounds and the make up of your saliva. I think it worked.

After a trip to Moro bay for kayaking & swimming we headed back to A-town for dinner. Here's B and I at dinner. We went to a yummy Mexican place in A-town.

Mary and I at dinner.

Then it was off to Rachel's house for cake. Shayla looks a little ticked off...but she's really just worried someone is going to take her popcorn.

Rachel and I at the cake party. It was a great day to celebrate one of my favorite people.

Karaoke, always amazing.

I wish that I didn't delete the video of this because in September we had our 2nd annual (not really just 2nd) North county FHE karaoke night. Let me tell you great times were had by all.

We had a variety of Talents well as a variety of music. Everything from Disney to country.

Our FHE Dad we we call "Papa swift" took the cake belting out one of the high pitched tunes of the 80's. I of course sang too but didnt get any pics of that. Good times.