Saturday, March 6, 2010

Disney Land Again:)

Last weekend I drove down to Southern California to meet up with my sister and her roommates for a day at Disneyland, on the way I picked up my cousin Tiana and our friend Jana. Here's Brianna, Tiana, and I ready for a day in the magic kingdom.

Here we all are ready for our first ride, space mountain. Angie (b's roommated), Allison (B's roommate), Tiana, Brianna, Jana, and I.

Here we are on my favorite ride, splash mountain...we got soaked. :)

Sisters after mr. toads wild ride.

Trying to pull that darn sword from the stone.

Allison is hilarious! She loves to pretend to lead seriously makes me laugh soooo hard every time!

Disey brought back "Captin EO", it's an amazing 3-D show featuring M.J. here we are ready to watch.

We had lunch at the fansy resturant inside the pirates ride. It was yummy food and fun to eat there...aparently usually you have to get reservations a lont time in advanced....we made ours that morning.:)

On Saturday on my way home I got to see this cute little guy, my nephew Adden. He's such a little charmer. he walked over picked up my camera and said "cheese" and smiled just like this!!
Love him, Love DL!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Spa Night in Berkeley!

A few weeks ago as a activities committee we put on the 2nd annual Berkeley University Ward Spa night! We started out with some beautiful refreshments, we spend some serious time slicing, dicing, and arranging with lovely results.:)

We had many relaxing adventures in store for our ward members, and we tried out a few ourselves. Here I am looking quite toad like with my lovely yogurt/oatmeal/honey mask and cucumbers for my eyes.

I ended up being in charge of waxing...not really my strong suite...mostly because I've had very little experience, but, I'm happy to report that nobody lost an eyebrow so I count that as a success.:)

Brendan my co-chair decided to try to wax his nose hair...let's just say it wasn't his best idea ever...

It was a fun and relaxing night, Here I am with my friends Kathy and Katie.

Katie and Todd showing off their fabulous nail art...don't worry Todd is a manly man he took off his polish right after this photo was taken. It was a great night!

Jazz vs. Warriors Game!

A few weekends ago it was Mormon nightCheck Spelling at the warriors game. Here I am with my friends Kathy and Tiffany ready for the game to start. A bunch of people from my ward went, it was only $15 to get in and you got a voucher for a free hot dog, chips, and a soda!

The game was serious business. It was exciting, I forgot how much fun it is to watch live sports. I didn't really care who won so I was clapping for both teams. The rest of the crowd however was very much in favor of the Warriors, them being the home team and all.
Once when the Jazz got a basket and I clapped the little boy in front of me who looked about 8 years old turned around and gave me a super dirty look, it was super amusing, you're 8 how do you even care? lol. It was a fun night.