Friday, August 26, 2011

Beach bums

This summer I've spent a lot of time at the beach. I'd say I've been at the beach roughly twice per week all summer. It's been the highlight of my summer. Since my sister Brianna is a teacher she's joined me on most of these exertions. Last Tuesday was the last day before she went back to school so we decided to spend one last day at the beach. We arrived at the beach at 11 and found the perfect parking spot. Who knew that's what it takes to get a good spot?
Because the fog had not yet burnt off we decided to take a walk on the pier.
I thought it would be a nice time to take photos... Here's Brianna contemplating the meaning of life.
Sisters on the beautiful coast
I saw this sign and for some reason thought if I positioned myself right it would look like it said "No Peacesign-ing"turns out Brianna really wasn't willing to put forth the effort to angle it so it looked this is the best I got. Funny, but not as funny as it could be.
more of us together...
From down below on the stairs.
senior portrait.
Brianna's Senior Portrait.
Beach babes!
Beautiful Boat and Fog!
Jumping pic! Hurrah for being tan, hurrah for summer, Hurrah for living by the beach!
Scrunched up jumping pic...I was really nervous about jumping onto that hard wood.

After we took jumping pics for like 10 minutes the man who was fishing at the end of the pier got up and moved...wonder why? How I love the beautiful coast of California and my sister.

Good-bye, Little brother!

Last weekend we went to the Temple with our ward. It was a great experience. We have a wonderful group and I can honestly say each young man present represents qualities that I desire in my future companion and that I hope to teach my sons someday. We got to ride back with one of my favorite people in my ward is a young man named Ian who was leaving on his mission the following week. My sister Brianna and I have adopted him as the little brother we never knew we always wanted. That night he had a "Go away party" for himself. Here his with his girlfriend Shayla and our dear friend Ariel. If you can peak around them you will see the most amazing back yard ever which included a pool with a slide, a hot tub, a fire stove thing, and a hammock/ rocker thing. SOOOOO amazing.
Here's B and I with can see by the look on his face he fits right into the family. :)

Ariel was here visiting the weekend of the party so we got some bonding time. Love this girl! It was fun to celebrate Ian leaving on his mission and look forward to him having the same amazing experience that I had when I served. A mission is the best thing I ever did, I learned so much and my testimony was strengthened 100 times over. I would not be the person I am today without the amazing experience of serving a mission.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Times have changed

I feel like I've been posting quite often lately about being old, but can I just tell you that sometimes I really realize that's I'm from an older generation than many of the young adults I hang out with. Last week my sister Brianna and I went to the beach with a couple of girls from our ward. While we were there I took a few pictures. After we took this picture one of the girls said "put it on facebook, then we'll be facebook officially friends". Since I've recently stopped putting pictures on facebook with only and occasional exception (I decided I don't need everyone to know everything I do) I thought...who knew that's what it takes to be friends with someone? I remember my first years of college I didn't even have a computer...and neither did any of my roommates. I know I'm usually a bit behind the times when it comes to technology by seriously back then nobody I knew had a lap top and certainly not facebook. We didn't have digital cameras. I took pictures with real film and my roommates fought over the doubles. While I appreciate digital cameras and having a lap top, but just so you know if I don't post a picture of you on facebook it doesn't mean we're not friends, it just means I'm old and I sometimes I don't want everyone "all up in my biz-ness".

Monday, August 8, 2011

Grandpa's Family Reunion

My grandpa and his 4 siblings (3 sisters and 1 brother) get together once per year to spend a weekend together. Each year they meet at a different siblings home and as much of each siblings posterity as possible try to attend. This year it was here in California. We started out the weekend at the beach Here's Aunt N (Grandpa's sister), My Mom, Aunt L (My dad's bros wife), Grandpa, Aunt B (Grandpa's sister), and Aunt J (Grandpa's brother's wife) Enjoying the beach.

The next day was a BBQ at our house. My cousin T brought her adorable little A who is so precious we can hardly stand it.
Grandpa and his siblings: Aunt B (3rd oldest), Grandpa(4th oldest), Aunt V(2nd oldest), Uncle H (the baby), and Aunt N. (oldest).
The next generation enjoying the pool on the front lawn, 2 of Aunt V's great grandchildren and 1 of Grandpa's.

Anyone who knows our family can guess there was lots of story telling and lots of laughter.
Grandma D, Aunt J, Uncle H, and Aunt L.

Aunt N telling a story about life growing up. Aunt B, Aunt N, and J (Aunt V's daughter)
Sometimes we listen and absorb (I know hard to believe). Uncle J, Hillary (adopted cousin), Brianna (sister), Grandpa.
The next generation had to get in on the action too, J had to tell a story of how much her grandma loved her right after my Dad and Uncle J told a story about their grandma coming after them with a broom because they wouldn't be quiet and go to sleep. LOL. Aunt B, Aunt N, C (J's granddaughter, V's Great granddaughter), J, uncle K (Adopted), Aunt D (adopted).

After good food, a few one liners, and lots of laughing everyone headed for home. It was great to get to hear stories about my great grandparents and get to know my grandpa's family better.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cause we're cool like dat!

The last week in July meant a mini family reunion while my sister Callie was home for a break from school. Due to the fact that she would be leaving in just a week for an adventure in a far off country, we spent most of the week shopping and getting her packed up. The weekend was reserved for family time and fun. On Saturday morning we made pancakes. Here are my efforts at good-bye pancakes (the blob on the left is Callie doing a peace sign the the ones on the right say "we heart you").
After breakfast Mom, Dad, Matthew, Carrie, the boys and I headed for the beach. Added and I had a blast playing in the sand with his cars and burying each others legs in the sand. We also had yummy fish tacos from the shop where Mike (Katie's BF) works.
That night was family pics. Here's a little preview. Cant wait to post the real ones. They turned out great!
Out takes! #1 Sadie with her dog twin (note the blond fluffy hair and similar facial expression.)
#2 Me and my dog twin both have multicolored hair and...similar flip to our hair.
#3 Flip flop feet! Love it. :)
Cousins picture with Grandma Shirley it's a little blurry but it's the best we got.
After pictures and dessert came bonfire time. :)
Sunday was our chill day. Here's a pic of my Sisters (including Sadie our cousin who has become like a sister to us over the last year) on Sunday after church.
After dinner we hung out on the lawn where it was cool. Here's Benny cooling off in the grass.
We are really into photography in our family so for fun we decided to take pics of each family member wearing my brother's California hat.
My Dad
Carrie (sister-in-law)
Brianna (sister)
Callie (sister)
Benny (nephew)

Adden (nephew)
Even though we have our ups and downs, I love my family and couldn't ask for people in my live who I have more fun with.