Friday, November 16, 2007

Chatting with Brianna

So this past Monday when I got online to read my sister Brianna's email (she's on a mission in Romania...I think you all know that) and I saw that her gmail status was set as I took a chance and said "are you online?"...turns out she was! We got to chat online for quite sometime and it was very refreshing. My sister Callie was home a the time so she came and sat next to me so she could join in the fun. We decided that since she will be home in 3 months we should decide 3 things we should do when she gets home here they are:
#1 Cuddle: I hate cuddling (I guess this shows how single I am...I'll revise it to I hate cuddling most of the time) but Brianna and Callie love when they say cuddle they usually mean climb into my warm bed and stick their cold feet on me and not give me any room to breath...I don't know who would like that.
#2 Scrapbook: I love to scrapbook...although I think this links me with silly woman from Utah...I love it still...and so does Brianna...she said she's already thought of some ideas for pages she wants to put together when she gets home...I think Brianna, our friend Cindy, and I are the only young women without children who like scrapbooking...possibly on the face of the earth.
# 3 shopping. When Brianna and I shop...we SHOP...we go to each store and look at EVERYTHING...and take our time, having a great time doing it... we usually only stop when we're too tired and hungry to go on...I once tried to take Callie on a shopping trip like this since Brianna has been gone...she lasted about 15 minutes and wanted to go pooper.

I'm so excited. By the way for all those who know her...she's doing great and sends hugs to all of you.


So I do realized that thanksgiving is still about a week away but I thought I'd share with you that I have already eaten 3 thanksgiving dinners so far this month. One was a birthday party where we all dressed up like pilgrims and Indians, which was a good time, I brought yams. I had never cooked yams before but they actually turned out yummy. Dinner number 2 came about when I attended an enrichment activity with my mom for my home ward where we learned how to make Thanksgiving dinner and then ate it afterward. Last was last night when we had a thanksgiving enrichment activity for my student ward. I made a turkey for this one. I had never made a turkey before...but it turns out that it's really not that difficult. Tonight I went with my parents to a thanksgiving party/variety show for my home ward... thankfully they did not serve turkey! I was careful to avoid any thanksgiving type foods (thankfully there was a lot to choose from since it was a potluck)...I'm hoping that by doing so I will be ready when the real thanksgiving gets here and it will be an enjoyable experience.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Well I've been Tagged apparently so now I'm supposed to share 6 facts or here it goes:

Habit: just like Hilary I'm an avid flosser...I have very weak teeth enamel and the dentist who I went to while on my mission told me I should floss after every time I eat...I'm not that good any more but I for sure floss more than 2 times per day.

Fact: I'm a little embarrassed to admit this but I am a sucker for cheesy Christian romance novels....they don't have to be Mormon based I just love the romance of it all with out having anything inappropriate to mar the quality.

Fact: I am a lacto...meaning I'm lactose intolerant so I can't have dairy....and I'm really looking foreword to trying soynog this Christmas I know it sounds sick but I figure if chocolate soy milk is good why not soynog too...anyway I LOVE eggnog so if soynog turns out to be gross and I have to take the pills and take my chances (the don't usually work for me) so be it.

Fact: I've been inside 11 different Temples: LA, Oakland, Fresno, San Diego, Salt Lake, Provo, Bountiful, Idaho Falls, Manhattan, Portland, Nauvoo... I also went to the open houses of Sacramento and Huntington Beach before they were dedicated.

Fact: I am not a cook but I have a few specialities which include: chocolate chip cookies, omelette's, and chocolate chip waffles.

Habit: I love to sing and thus I'm always singing...I always seem to have a random song I'm singing under my breath. Many of things are songs which nobody seems to believe are real ligit songs mostly because they haven't seen the about 100,000 obscure musicals that I have and also because sometimes Myriah and I just make up songs. Who can tell the diff really?

There it is hope you've enjoyed it!

Friday, November 2, 2007

The Pumpkin Patch

Last weekend I took my friend Sara's kids to the pumpkin patch. The first thing they wanted to do was try out the corn I don't know if you've ever been in a corn maze but my first and only previous (a long time ago) experience with them wasn't a good one because it was super hard (my Mom will back me up on this, it really wasn't a maze geared toward kids but for some reason we did it anyway) a bit reluctantly I headed toward the corn maze. It turned out this one was geared toward kids and it was a good time, although not really worth the $, as you can see from the picture above which is Haily and I in the corn maze we did have fun.

Cute as pumpkins: here's Becka, me, and Haily trying out the pumpkin cut outs...they had a ton of these ply wood cut outs painted like halloweenish things.

Here's a picture I took of the pumpkin patch with the corn maze in the background, it was actually a really cool place...very rustic. It so happens that earlier in the season (before everyone cut them all off) you actually had to take clippers out with you so you could cut your pumpkin from the vine. I think I'll go earlier in the season next year.