Friday, January 14, 2011

Florida Trip!!!!!

To celebrate my graduation from grad school (that's right people I'm finally finished with everything and should receive my degree in the mail any day now!) my friend Hillary and I went to Florida where we spent 8 days at dinsey world and 1 day at Harry Potter world. Here we are with our bug eyes on at Disney's animal kingdom. (one of 4 disney world parks that we sent to.)

At Animal kingdom they also have this awesome "tree of life" it has animals "carved" into it's trunk and it's super awesome looking. In case you can't tell that button I'm wearing says "first visit" :)

There's a nice "walking path" around the tree here I am with a rhino carved into the bottom of the trunk.

At Epcot we walked around the world showcase (located around a lake where there is different areas representing different countries around the world). Here we are in Canada, apparently they have beautiful gardens there.

We also visited Mexico, Como Esta?

My personal fav was our visit to Norway the land of my ancestors. :) Also if you'll notice there is a flocked Christmas tree behind me....turns out a Disney world Christmas keeps going and going, they were still playing Christmas music and had decorations up the whole time we were there through Jan 10th!

Just to split things up, on day 5, we went to Harry Potter world. Here's the cross roads between hogsmeade and Hogwarts. :)
Here's the Hogwarts castle. There is an awesome ride inside...problem is we had to wait 2.5 hours to get inside. It was crazy.

Here we are checking out Hogsmeade where we got to looking in Ollivander's wand shop, honeydukes, zonko's, and try butter beer (delish by the way).

I even got to take this nice photo with the hogwarts express and this jolly conductor.

Then it was back to Disney world for round 2. This is of the world showcase, France incase you couldn't tell, at sunset...beautiful.

On day 2 of the animal kingdom we went on the Safari where we saw many different animals including this cute little guy, a baby giraffe.

On our last day while we waiting to watch fantasmic in the awesome stadium they have in Disney Hollywood studios we looked for souvenirs and tried on some great hats. Here's our ghetto look.

Our funky look.

Our Disney channel original movie look!

Afterward we treated ourselves to some of our favorite treats.

The next day to make up for our sweets we drank our "green goo" as we called it for breakfast. It was an awesome trip. Thanks to Hillary for all her planning and making this trip happen. I loved it.