Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Murder Mystery

Last weekend our institute had a murder mystery party. It was 1940's themed and I was one of the suspects. I was supposed to be a widow...so I decided to be a classy widow with attitude.
I wore a classic black dress, peep-toed pumps, lovely authentic costume jewelry, and a real 1940s hat we had from my great grandmother. I loved the way it all came together.
I had a great time at the activity. I totally hammed it up including a fake southern accent. Loved it! Oh, and just FYI...turns out I wasn't the murder. Since I don't have many pics of my friends here in SLO I decided to take a few pics. Here I am with the R sisters. :)
Dane and Mary-North county FHE friends
CC and Annie-friends old and new
Rachel my cohort on the Compassionate service committee!

Of course Wes, Love this kid.what's 3rd ward without a Mallet? I wouldn't want to know...I've gotta get out before this kid gets married.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Just what I needed!

As many of you know I recently finished the process of becoming a professional! I have been looking for jobs but haven't been sure of where I really need to be. I would like to work with children, I want to be around other young (not too young) professionals, and I want to stay in California...that's really all the criteria I'm going with...oh and it needs to be a bigger city than is found around here so I will have the opportunity to work with other OT's. I've kind of narrowed my focus recently to southern California. A couple of weeks ago I went down for a job interview and to spend a few days getting a "feel" for the place. I stayed with my bestest friend Hillary.
My job interview was on Wednesday. It went well but I have since been informed I didn't get the placement. I am currently following up on some other leads I've found. We spent the next few days at the beach, the Temple, and mingling with some single friends of Hills. It was just want I needed for some added motivation to get the heck out of dodge.
On my way home I stopped and stayed with my brother, sister-in-law and nephews for a couple of days. While I was there I met the man of my dreams. Don't we look great together? Unfortunately Adden wouldn't let me take him home with me.
I love spending time with this little guy.
Adden kept me entertained, he loves to entertain and do tricks.

I had a great experience, a special thanks to Hill, the F family, and M & C for letting me stay with them. I am excited at the prospect of moving and starting a new adventure.

4th of July...Let Freedom Ring!

For those of you who dont know 4th of July is a big deal around our house. We always celebrate BIG including great food, great music (Yeah Lee Greenwood), and wonderful people. My Mom is a wonderfully patriotic woman and has always made the 4th special. I love my country and as Zach Brown band says "‎"I thank God for my life, And for the stars and stripes, may freedom forever fly
Let it ring! Salute the ones who died,the ones who give there lives, so we don't have to sacrifice all the things we love!"
My brother and I started the weekend off right with matching hairdo's. Can you tell who is who...man I have mad braiding skills.
It was wonderful to get to spend some more time with this little guy, my nephew Benny. He didn't like the heat much but was super chill about being passed around to the whole family.
I helped with some of the cooking. Here I am with my flag jello (red, white, and blue jello with whip cream stripes and blue berries for stars. DELISH.
We all dug in for some yummy BBQ. Once again my Dad out did himself! Great job, Dad.
Adden and I celebrated with "colors" on our nails. We're all about the Red, white, and blue.
After food, a water fight, and visiting we headed for Barney Schwartz park and the fire works.
We started out with some great grand children pics, adorable! Then came sliding down the grassy hill sides with cardboard provided by Aunt Lisa.
The Grandpa convinced this politician to give us all "3D" glasses for the fireworks. We made the best of it and took some silly pics. Me, Mom, Dad, Sadie.
Grandma and Grandpa looking "natural".
Tiana and Josh, peace, classic.
Aunt Lisa and Uncle Joe, looking good.
Tania and Micheal cuddling up ready for the show.
Josh and his Mom

Matthew, Carrie and Benny
It was a wonderful day to celebrate our wonderful country and the amazing freedoms we have! We are so blessed. God Bless America!

Catching up with the girls...

In June our friends Liz and Hillary came to visit (separately but at the same time). In order to get as much fun, catching up and Central coasting in at the same time we decided to take a walk on the Bob Jones trial. It was a beautiful day!
On the trail there was beautiful views...and a river!

Although Brianna came home with a case of poison oak and at one point we almost had a repeat of the arm breaking scene from "That thing you do" it was a beautiful day and the perfect opportunity to catch up with old friends we love.

Flour Fight Round 2

When you've been a "young Adult" as long as I have you get to the point where many activities become repeats of something you've done most likely done in the past....to be honest this can sometimes be BORING! For FHE (family home evening-for more info found here http://lds.org/family/home-evening?lang=eng) a few weeks ago we re-used and activity we did with our FHE group at BYU-Idaho and had a flour fight. This was not at all boring! We took nylons and cut them into pieces, we tied a knot in one end and filled it with flour, next we tied a knot in the other end and they were ready to go. We warned everyone to come to FHE ready to get dirty. We divide into teams and played capture the flag only instead of tagging we threw flour bombs at each other. It was lots of fun and by the end all of the flour bombs were ripped open and dumbed on the opposing team. My moment of glory came when I threw the bomb that put the other teams captain in jail. woot-woot!