Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

This year for New Years I went to our regional YSA conference held a a mansion owned by the bishop of one of the near by singles ward. Here I am with the group of girls I went with in the library were we "layed aside our things". Me, Haley, Stacy, Ashley, and Myriah- looking fierce.

Myriah and I ready to rock the dance.
Paso people: Kylie, Me, Hillary, Brianna(sister), Callie(sister), Sadie(cousin), & Addie (cousin).

Sisters hott in black and white!!!

Happy New years!!!

Hill and I ready for the count down,.

My sisters and I celebrating the new year. It was a great time.

Christmas Central Coast Style

We started out our Christmas break by going with my mom to watch the men of the family play paint see they do this quite often and my mom was curious to see the fun...turns out it's really just man time...they play for 10 minutes, sit around for 1/2 hr messing with their guns and talking about how manly they are in their was hilarious, and mostly I would be okay with it if I stayed at home from now on.

A few days later our family participated in my home ward's live nativity. My sister and I along with a little girl from the primary were the angels.

My Dad and Mom were the Inn keeper and his wife. So cute!

We also attended an ornament exchange a family friend has every year.

On Christmas eve-eve my sisters and I took a trip to Harmony which is a little town along the coast near our home. Please note that on the sign behind me the population is 18...18 people live in Harmony. Fortunately they have a fabulous pottery shop where local artists sell their work. We found some great gifts there.

This year for Christmas Eve we all wore Pajamas. My sister and I were all matchie, matchie. So Precious.

Here's the sibs in our new PJ' funny.

Here's my grandma and mom enjoying the festivities. What cute ladies they are.

Adden really enjoyed chasing Aunt Jeans little chihuahua.

Here we are all the Griffith kids including Carrie and Adden.

On Christmas day we went to Aunt Lisa and Uncle Joes house. Here's my sisters and I with our cousin Tiana.

Here we are with our adorable mom.

The day after Christmas we went on a hike up Bishops peak. I took this photo along the trail. It was soooooooooo beautiful!

Here I am with my cousin Brent, who just got back from his mission to Spain, at the top.

Oh the sibs on top of Bishops peak.
Such a fun break!

The business of Christmas time!!!

We all know Christmas time means a lot of holiday parties. Well with so much going on I decided to just post a few of my fav. pics for the holiday festivities. Here is a mock family picture we took of the activities committee at our ward Christmas party! Naturally my co-chair and I were the "mom" and "dad" of the group. Although the party didn't come at the most opportune time (the week before finals) we all pulled together and the party was amazing complete with gingerbread house making, a talent show, and a reading of "twas the night before Christmas" by our bishop!!!
Note: That thing on my face is a Christmas tree, we had face painting at our party. :)

Another fabulous outing was going to see the lights at the Temple. We thought it was a good opportunity to take a jumping picture....this was the best one we got. I love the facial expressions.

This is one of the pics I took of the temple. It was beautiful.
For our OT holiday party the 1st and 2nd years in my program got together for a holiday ugly sweater/bowling party. It was a good time.
All in all to spite the stress of finals there was lots of fun to be had in the life of this OT student!!!