Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Mostly I don't really buy into what seems to be the current "obsession" among those around me...but recently I've checked a few of them out and fallen into the obsession.
First the "Twilight" series. It's a series of three books about a girl who falls in love with a vampire. I've only read the first one but it took me only a few days to read the whole thing (about 500 pages). It was so good. I could even imagine myself gliding instead of walking just the vampires in the story. It had completely changed my view of vampires. Currently I'm waiting for my sister to finish the 2nd book...it's taking forever.
Second, Several friend and family members are currently obsessed with shows from the BBC. Last week while I was sick I borrowed my friends set of the first season of BBC's Robin hood. It was so good and the British actor who plays Robin hood is so adorable and charming. I Love it!
...Well that's really it....I guess it's not that many...but hey I guess there really is something to obsessions....sometimes.


Over spring break and to celebrate my sister Callie's birthday my Mom got my sisters and I tickets to go to see the Broadway musical Wicked.

Here we are dressed up, EXCITED, and ready to go!

Here's Callie and I outside the theater, it was really pretty! We love, love, loved it the music was amazing, the actresses who played the witches were fantastic, and we had pretty much the best seats in the house!

We went to dinner afterward. Here's a pick we took with our tickets while waiting for our food.

Here's a bonus pic of my hair. My sister Brianna did my hair with: tons of hair spray, some serious ratting, and a curling iron. Afterward she laughed and said it looked like I had dreadlocks. It looked good to me.