Saturday, June 28, 2008


I don't know how many of you know this about me but I have been talking about buying a car for quite sometime now. First you should know that I've had 2 cars so far in my life, both were old and both were paid for with cash...and both had major problems with in just a couple of months after purchase. So I decided my main priority was buy something that would be reliable and that I wouldn't have to worry about for the next couple of years as I'm attending grad school. At first I wanted something cheep really really cheep but reflecting on past experience and knowing I would most likely get what I paid for I decided to go for just cheep and leave out the really really...then knowing that still might not be good enough I started thinking about purchasing a new car....but a cheaper model. I thought and thought about it, prayed about it, talked to my parents and trusted friends. I had no idea there were so many critical choice to make: new or used, brand names, type of financing, private owner or dealership..... I finally settled on an amount that I thought was reasonable and went through the process of getting financed. Then Last Friday I got pre-approved and the "green light" to start seriously looking. Since I had obligations all day Saturday and Sunday was out because of church ...I woke up stressed Monday morning knowing I needed to find a car...knowing also that I started camp on Tuesday which would both make things complicated and leave me with little car shopping time. I spent all Monday morning calling people, looking things up on the Internet, looking through car buying magazines and calling on advertisements. I made contact with the owners of this beautiful 2005 Honda Civic with only 25,000 miles on it! I went and took it for a test drive and really liked the car and felt really good about going foreword with the trying to buy it. It took 4 days and a lot of phone calls and coordination but by 3 pm on Thursday I was the owner of a brand new (to me) car! I'm so excited. I've decided to name her "kit" after kit on the knight rider...because she's black and because I think it's a cute name. So here she is...Isn't she beautiful?

Great Day of Garage saling!

Today my sisters, my mom, and I went garage saling with my Grandma and 2 of my aunts. Garage saling with Grandma Donna is a tradition in the Griffith family, when we were growing up we would all get up early on Saturday morning and head out to Grandma's house for a quick breakfast of waffles and then head out to see what deals we could find, it was something that was looked foreword to by all. Lately though, to be honest, it's been awhile since we've had a really great garage saling I tried not to expect too much as we headed to Grandmas house at 7am this morning. I was pleasantly surprised however because it turns out today was the day to garage sale we all found quite a few exciting treasures! Here (pictured above as a pile of junk) is a few of mine: a heating pad(the cover was pretty gross but I just took it off and thew it away and sill cover it with a pillowcase)-25 cents, jeans(in good shape)-75 cents, a purse(brand new with tag still on)-50 cents, a Roxy book bag(looks brand new)-a dollar, a book- 50 cents ("the memory keepers daughter" I've read it before and wanted to own it), 2 beach hats-a dollar each ($2), A bunch of scrapbook stickers and paper- a dollar, a battery powered lantern-Free, and a silver bracelet-$3 for a total of $8. It was an amazing day of garage saling, not only did it restore my faith in the possibility of great garage saling days but I also had a great time with family and got some great stuff without spending more than $10.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Alright Already, Here's my Elbow!

So after several requests for another body part post I finally figured out something clever enough to use... so here it is my elbow/arm. For those of you who don't know or can't tell because I forgot to rotate this picture before posting this is the left turn signal used by bikers and motorists without blinkers. This Friday will be the last day of school and an end to my current job since I will be starting grad school before schools starts again in the fall in the fall. I'm really sad to see it end I love my job, I love teaching, I love the children, and I enjoy my co-workers as well. But I wont have to much time to be sad because a week from Monday I will begin my job at a local summer camp which is what I'll be doing until the end of July...and then I'm not sure...except that I'll be moving about a month later...somewhere in there I have to buy a car, find an apartment, etc, etc, this is just the first turn this summer will take. Wow, I hope I'm ready for this, here it goes ready or not!