Friday, July 6, 2012

Independence Day (AKA the 4th).. So. Cal Style

Since the fourth of July was in the middle of the week this year nobody in my circle of acquaintance seemed to know how to handle it. I feel that it would be appropriate if somehow Independence day could  always be on a weekend that way it wouldn't be the cause of the problem of trying to think of what to do with this random day off in the middle of the week. Fortunately my friend Amber invited me to pool party and BBQ with a group of mid singles from the area. This is a lovely fruit and pound cake platter at the BBQ almost too pretty to eat. 
I car pooled with Amber and our friend Jessica to the party place.  Here we are ready to go for a swim. 
G9 Gals. Jessica, Me, Amber, Kimberly.
The pool looked oh so refreshing. 
The party started out fairly small but grew rapidly to almost 50 people. The party goes enjoying the BBQ and the afternoon sunshine.
Jessica and I enjoying floating around in the pool...trying to avoid the drowned rat look...which I did successfully for about 30 minutes before getting flipped over. Don't worry though I rocked the after pool look.  
The BBQers hard at work.
Later that night we headed down to the beach for the fireworks. I spotted this fancy pants beach house who are already ready for Christmas complete with the lit up Christmas tree in the window. 
I had to document  my 4th of July nails. Rocking the patriotic look.  
Patriotic for the 4th, sucka.
From our spot on the beach we could see 7 different fireworks displays. This was the one in front of us. Beautiful. Kimberly and I sang patriotic songs as the fireworks went off. Amber and Jess oohed and ahhed. We really know how to make a fireworks show great.  It was a great day of celebration and relaxation. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fathers Day....crazy person style.

Sometimes I surprise even myself. On Fathers day weekend I had a plan...I had plans, I should say, and since my parents had been down visiting the weekend before so I decided I would stay put in LA for the weekend. Turns out by Friday I realized that my Dad really wanted me to come after debating with myself I decided I would stick with my original plans for Friday and Saturday and then surprise my Dad by driving up to Paso or the day Sunday. I went to bed on Saturday night thinking....Lord if you really want me to go home for Fathers day...bless me to wake up before my alarm goes off so I can make home by a decent hour. 
Well I woke up at 6:15 and decided it must be a sign. I got up and was on the road by 6:45am. I arrived at my parents house around 9:45 and surprised my Dad who was overwhelmed with joy. :) I got to spend the morning handing out with my family
After church we had a family BBQ. Wonderful food plus dessert. :) Before I knew I was coming home I ordered a cold-stone cake for my Dad. Chocolate cake with coconut and sweet cream ice cream in the middle. My Dad loves coconut. 
 Here's the close up so you can see what it said. I had to accept that nobody can compete with my always sweet and practically perfect in every way little sister Callie. So I've accepted my place as number 2  favorite daughter. If I had known I was going to make the quick trip home...I would have had them write " Happy Fathers Day from your # 1 for the day Daughter." Next 
time. :) I'm so lucky to be the daughter of this great Man who had taught me by example how a man should treat his family.