Sunday, May 27, 2007

Ladies Night

In order to get to know the girls we visit teach my sister Callie and I decided to have the girls over for a ladies night at our house. Although I had to change my initial plan of attack to accommodate a slightly more calm group than what I'm use to at school it ended up going really well and we all had fun singing Karaoke, painting nails, eating and just being girls.

Just hanging out (Me with Bekah)

And we even having a drawing contest. We had to draw each other and this is me with the drawing Kylie made of me, it's quite a good likeness, don't you think?

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Mother's Day 2007

On mother's day my Mom, Callie, and I were all where peach and cream so we took some fun pictures together, this is a classic picture cause I'm making my Mom laugh, I love that. Aren't mom's the best.

Graduation from BYU-Idaho

My Graduation from BYU-Idaho was amazing and exceeded my expectaitons in almost every way.My parents, my sister Callie and my Grandma came all the way from California. I got to be a part of the first ever BYU-Idaho graduation chior (made up totally of graduates) and we had two of the twelve, Eyring (my fav) and Ballard who was there to watch his grandson graduate it was amazing! The graduation was totally focused on the importance of us going out and doing good in the world which was really inspiring!It was a great day.
Elder Eyring charged us to:
1. Exercise Faith
2. Develop charity
3. Find the truth
4. Choose to keep the commandments
Simple yet profound advise!

here's my best grad photo, I look hot right?