Monday, June 15, 2009

Berkeley Good-bye!

While I was back in Oakland for my internship. We had a party at our apartment to say good-bye to all the people from our ward who were leaving for the summer. It was fun to see everyone, this ward has the amazing ability to come together in love and friendship it has a very family like feel to it.

I got to hang out with my friend Tiffany who is one of my favorite people in Berkeley and will be leaving in July to serve her mission inNY (not my mission).

Some of my favorite girls. Amy, Taryn, Tiffany and Jessica. It was a great party with lots of food and fun and even a lively game of progressive charades. I love the Berkeley University ward!

YSA Conference

In May we went to a tri-stake young adult conference. Here I am with my friend Hillary and My sisters Brianna and Callie ready to head to Santa Maria. The first night we had amazing speakers, games, and a dance.

Brother Husaker our institute director was the keynote speaker. He did a great job.

Here's Hillary and our friend Dave who worked along with a couple of girls tying this quilt during the service project on the 2nd day.

One of the games we played was a variation of "do you love your neighbor" notice my sisters and I in the background. It was alot of fun.

By the end we were all good friends. It was alot of fun and I met alot of great people.

Mom's Birthday Celebration

Matthew, Carrie, and Adden came up for Memorial day weekend and since we were all together we celebrated my Mom's birthday. Here are Adden and I hanging out before dinner.

Adden had fun hanging out with Great Grandma Shirley.

The Cake that Brianna and Matthew made for my Mom was delicious...notice Matthew drew her face in red frosting...nice work brother.

The best present of all Mom got to hang out with Adden and all her family!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Merry Christmas to us! (finally finished)

For Christmas this year my parents gave my sisters and I year long passes to Disneyland! Because Brianna and I had to be back at school so early we weren't able to go before heading back to school....and the 3rd week of May was the soonest we were all available....Monday night we packed up the car and headed to LA. Here we all are riding pirates on the first day of our trip wearing our matching t-shirts.

Here's my Mom and I inside the haunted mansion...this ride always freaked me out when I was younger and this is something my sister Brianna loves to tease me about...well this time when I was taking a picture of my sisters in the lobby area, quietly the wall behind them moved aside and the tour guide came up behind Brianna and laughed very creepily just behind her it totally freaked the crap out of was fantastic!

Here we are day 2 ready for space mountain

Of course we needed a classic picture of us in front of Sleeping beauty's castle, love it!

They played such great music on main street Brianna and I could help but get in the spirit of things by dancing a jig...

Later all of us girls tried together to pull the sword from the stone...alas it wouldn't budge...darn thing must have been faulty...
Brianna and I loved the matterhorn. It is always one of my favs...I especially enjoy screaming at the top of my lungs...

It was especially hot while we were there. One day when my sisters and Mom got ice cream (I couldn't have any...darn my lacto status) to cool off and I got this adorable Minni mouse Carmel was delicious and so rich I couldn't finish it.

Here I am on the 3rd and last day of our trip on my favorite ride at California Adventure the new toy story ride! Love it!

This is my sisters and I at California adventure waiting for the Aladdin show to start! We had amazing seat in the front row of the balcony, perfect to see everything. It was a great trip, my sisters and Mom are amazing and we have the best of times when we are together.