Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Birthday!

My birthday celebration started last Friday when a package arrived from my sister Brianna full of birthday surprises. Then I went home last weekend to celebrate all weekend! On Saturday my Mom made french toast for breakfast. Yum! Later we went to see "bride wars". Fun movie about BFF's. Then we went home for a yummy bbq dinner. Later I had a few of my friends over for a girls nights/birthday party. First we did karaoke. Here I am belting out "Earl had to die" by dixie chicks.

Here are all the girls: Myriah, Hillary, Me, and Jana! So much fun!

My sis and my cousin Sadie were also there! Fun, fun.

Here's our dinning room all decorated for my birthday party.

Sunday morning I woke up to a beautiful birthday! After church and wonderful Sunday nap I opened presents. My fav. gift was a quilt my Mom made me!

After a yummy birthday dinner of tacos we had cake. Here I am with my birthday cake (ice cream cake made with soy cream). Yummy! For all you lacto's out the trader joe's soy cream is delicious tastes really close to real ice cream (my sister Callie didn't think it was quite there).

My friend Hillary came to join us for dinner and cake. Fun, Fun. Then I had to head back to Oakland and school.

I decided to continue the celebration all week. On Tuesday I went to dinner with some friends with school (sorry no pics) and had some amazing Mexican food. On Wednesday I went with friends from church and my roomies to dinner. Here we are at a wonder Chinese restaurant in Berkeley. So much fun.

After dinner we went to get gelato. Here I am with my friend Allison and my roommate Taryn. It's been a wonderful birthday week.