Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pumpkin Farm!

Last weekend after the baby shower My Mom, my sister Brianna, and I met my brother Matthew, his wife Carrie, and our nephew Adden at the pumpkin farm. They have the place set up really cute with a hay maze, a hay pit, animals, fresh fruit and vegetables, and pumpkins galore.

Here's Adden and I checking out the pumpkins

Siblings. Matthew, Brianna and I.

Aunt Brianna with Adden.

Grandma with Adden...he was kinda sick of pictures by this time

So we took him through the hay maze which was incredibly narrow and made all of the adults feel claustrophobic and then to jump into the hay pit which he LOVED!

We went home with fresh corn and apples making this an evening full of all things lovely and fallish. :)

Baby Shower for Tiana...well really for AVA

Last weekend my sister Brianna, our friend Jana and I threw a baby shower for my cousin Tiana who is set to have a little girl (Ava) in early December. On Saturday morning after spending most of the evenings that week prepping we drove down to SM to set up for the shower. Aunt Lisa helped with the food thankfully so we set up the cupcakes (I spent the afternoon/evening the day before making approx 130 cupcakes), decorate, and arrange seating. By the time the shower was ready to start everything was beautiful.

Brianna and Jana mad this adorable dipper cake to go in the middle of the table.

Here's a sampling of the cupcakes I made. On top was chocolate cupcakes with mint frosting and Andi's mints on top. The middle tray was yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting and kit-kat or peanut butter cup on top. On the bottom was my fav. lemon cupcakes with raspberry cream cheese frosting and a raspberry on top.

Here's the banner we made from scrapbook paper with "baby girl" on it.

The flowers Jana arranged which we put next to the punch were beautiful.

Tiana's many, many presents and in the background another banner we made to decorate.

As you can see Jana was the photographer so I don't have many photos of people but here's one my mom snapped of Jana and I at the start of the shower. All and all things went beautifully and fun was had by all.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cheese Party!

I don't know if I've mentioned it lately but I really have an awesome family. Here is just one example of our awesomeness. On conference weekend we all got together at Aunt Lisa and uncle Joe's house to watch conference and spend time together. This year Aunt Lisa decided it would be fun if we had a cheese party between sessions of conference. She called everyone up and told them to bring their favorite cheese and any other sides that would be appropriate. My cousin Michael and Grandpa really enjoyed the stinky cheese.

Here's everyone waiting for the party to begin.

Brianna and I about to enjoy our first bites.

Here's my Mom reading a fact about cheese before passing around her favorite cheese.

Grandpa got in on that action too, reading a fact about cheese before he and grandma passed around their cheese provolone, which Grandma of course pronounced provo-lone-eee.

After the party another session of conference started and Grandma and Grandpa fell into a cheese coma...or maybe it was just a quick nap. :)

Joe Nichols Concert!

Being country loving folks, my family and I went to a Joe Nichols concert. Here's my Mom, my Dad, Callie and I with our tickets ready to go in.

All the girls ready for the concert!

We were really excited that our tickets were sparkly!!

We arrived at the concert at 8:00 was scheduled to start at 8:30. The first opening act started right on time followed shortly thereafter by opening act number 2. Then they the put the radio on the speakers and we waited, and waited, and waited....for 50 minutes before Joe finally came on stage. Needless to say the crowd got a bit restless. But when he finally came out the concert was amazing. We were really close to the stage. The picture below is taken without a zoom. We were close enough to catch Joe's eye a couple of times. It was great and he sang all our favs and we arrived home happy to spite our sore feet. Love Joe Nichols. :)