Sunday, August 15, 2010

Griffith Family Reuinion 2010

On the last weekend of July my Dad's sisters flew in for a visit and to attend my cousins wedding. The weekend they got here we got together for garage saling/girls day on Saturday. Lots of fun, good deals and laughter. On Sunday we all went to church with Grandma and Grandpa! It was cool to see my grandparents with all their kids and many of the grandchildren at church. After church we all went to Grandma and Grandpa's house for dinner and played a game where we had to share memories from growing up, it was cool to share past memories many of which included other family members. Here I am with all the girl cousins who were there. Me, Tiana, Brianna, Callie and Christina (somehow we ended up in age order)

Here's all the girls with our new cousin Mette who married my cousin Brent the following weekend.

Sisters pic we always take one of my dad's 2 sisters and Brianna and I.

I loved spending time with my poopsie (my cousin Ross, who I call poopsie)

My Dad's immediate family was all together: Grandpa, Aunt Laurie, Aunt Debbie, Uncle Joe, My Dad, and Grandma

We took pics of all the graduates in our family. Here I am with Aunt Debbie the only other family member with a masters.
All the grandchildren (minus Matthew and Carrie) who have their bachelor's!

Fun hanging out with my cousin Christina.

On Monday evening the Men had a "Man Day" for my cousin Brent who was getting married the next Saturday. While they were out shooting guys and being manly, we girls had a baby shower for my cousin Tiana who is having a little girl (the first girl great grandchild) in December. Here I am with my Grandma at the shower.

Tiana with the outfit Brianna and I gave her for her little girl.

We had yummy Shirley temples and strawberry cheesecake for dessert.

Aunt Lisa and Brianna on the front lawn at the baby shower. Show lovely enjoying the evening together.

The week went by fast and on Thursday Night we all got together with Mette's family in Camarillo and had a big FHE and got to know each other. Here's my Dad, My cousin Michael, My Grandpa, and My brother Matthew at the FHE.

Me, my nephew Adden, and my sister Callie at the FHE.

After dinner and games out on the lawn we all headed inside to watch a movie my cousin Josh made for the couple. It was adorable and hilarious! Here's My sister Brianna, My grandpa, My grandma, and I after watching the video.

After the video we had ice cream sandwiches made with homemade cookies ( I made 5 dozen
chocolate chip cookies the week before, and aunt Laurie made another 5 dozen and aunt Lisa still had to buy some more there were so many people)!Here's Aunt Lisa, Aunt Debbie and my Dad after making ice cream sandwiches for everyone.

That night we drove down to LA and stayed in a hotel across from the temple so we could be there in time for the sealing in the morning. It was a beautiful sealing. Here's my Dad and his siblings outside the Temple waiting for the bride and groom there were tons of weddings that day.
My family outside the Temple after the sealing.

The girls after the sealing. Me, my Mom, my sister Callie, My sister Brianna, and my sister-in-law Carrie.
That afternoon we drove back to Camarillo and checked into our hotel and got ready for the reception that night. Here I am with my sister Brianna and aunt Laurie at the reception.

Here I am with my grandpa at the reception. Which was lots of fun, and since we weren't in charge we got to leave and go swimming that night at our hotel pool. :)

The next day we got up and had breakfast, did some water aerobics, and got ready for the day. On our way to Santa Barbara we stopped at in-and-our. Here I am with my Mom and my cousin Ross.

That afternoon we went to the Santa Barbara zoo. Me, Callie, Christina, aunt Debbie, Uncle Gary, grandma, grandpa, aunt Laurie, Ross.

While we were at the zoo we took a ride on the train just our party took up a whole car.

Here's my cousin Ross looking like a prairie dog. :) you can see one behind him if you look close

Me, my sister Brianna, and my cousin Christina pretending to be monkeys...well I'm not really sure what Christina was up to.

Here I am with my Dad at the zoo.

Here I am with my Mom at the zoo! It was such a beautiful view!

Brianna and Callie pretending to be flamingos!

Adden making aunt Callie kiss his giraffe toys my Mom bought him at the zoo gift shop. After the zoo we all went out to dinner and said our goodbyes the Californians drove home that night and the out-of-towners stayed at a hotel and flew home that night. It was a great reunion, we have so much fun together it's exhausting. :)

Roommate Reunion

In the middle of July 2 of my roommates from before my mission at BYU-I/Ricks College came to California to visit one of my best friends and roomie from the same time Hillary and I. They arrived on a Friday while I was working so Hillary picked them up from the airport and they went to the beach until they met up with me at about 4. That evening we just hung out and caught up. It was so good to catch up with everyone. The next day we got going pretty early and headed to the coast to visit Hurst castle. Here we are waiting for our tour. Traci, Melanie, me and Hill.

We got VIP treatment because good friend of the family who works at the castle.

Here we all are at the castle. Traci, Melanie, me, and Hill.

The castle is absolutely amazing! Every time I go I'm blown away by the grandeur of it all. This is pic of the ceiling in one of the rooms. So beautiful.

From the garden.

lovely fountain in the garden.

trying to take a new profile pic for Traci, very California, No?

Another attempt. She's so cute.

Me with the indoor's amazing, it's my dream to swim there someday.

After the castle we went to lunch to give the girl a taste of central coast BBQ. So yummy. After lunch we went to the beach to see the seal lions.

Here we are together: Tara, Traci, Melanie, and Hillary.

After the beach we headed back to San Jose to spend the night and the girls flew out the next morning. It was a quick weekend and lots of fun to spend time together.

Berkeley Bridal Shower

One weekend in July I went to Berkeley to visit friends and help throw a shower for my roommate Sam! On Friday night I drove up to Berkeley and had dinner and hung out with my friend Kathy. On Saturday morning I went with my friends Jonathan, Gar, and Kathy to Bake sale Betty, an amazing restaurant where we had chicken sandwiches, banana bread, and strawberry shortcake...yummy.

After bake sale Betty Gar and I went shopping and did a few errands to finish getting ready for the shower.

For dinner we met back up with Jonathan and Kathy for pizza. :)

Then it was time for the shower. For the shower we had fondue here's the pretty food table.

Kathy made a face out of her food plate.
As part of her gift I got Sam and egg slicer, who knew an egg slicer could be so exciting.

Another friend got her a bridal survival kit including a mini pocket knife...Sam is going to be very safe with that thing around.

Here's the whole gang at the shower. It was a good time and lots of fun. The next day I went the church and headed home. Great weekend that was over all to quickly.