Sunday, October 28, 2007


Camp Yeager is a camp on the central coast that our student ward rents once per year in October and the whole ward spends from Friday evening to Saturday afternoon bonding. For the activity on Friday night there was a variety of stations that were set up and we put put in groups and then rotated every 20 mins. My favorite activity was the 2 min scripture picture game, where we were given a scriptural story and then we had 2 mins to pose ourselves to look like that picture before the camera snapped here are a few of my fav's. The one above is my group posed as the tree of life vision (the girl on the left is Lehi, The two guys are the tree, I'm the iron Rod, the girl on the floor is the fountain, and the 2 people standing are the people in the building).

Here we have Abinidi and wicked king noah (the guy in the red is Abinidi, the two of us on the ground are the tigers, the guy in the hoodie is king noah, the girl holding her chin is Alma the elder and the 3 girls pointing are the wicked priests).

This is us being the people who trampled the anti Christ. It was a great time and I think our group did an excellent job if I do say so myself.

Monday, October 8, 2007

FHE Talent Show

Tonight was the first annual north county FHE talent/variety show! It was even more exciting than I thought it would be. Although we are a tight knit group, it was all very revealing evening. First we learned that our friend Bryan (pictured above) is an endless romantic when he played a song he wrote for his girlfriend. I revealed myself as an expert in several ways of whistling. Myriah revealed herself as a expert poem reader. Will was revealed as having a talent for making farting noise 3 different ways with his hands.

My sister Callie expertly played "starry, starry night". She's an amazing prodigy. Kylie played the piano expertly. The "returners" played a couple of their hit songs. KD showed us how she could touch her tongue with her noise. AND FINALLY....

Myriah and I shared our amazing Karaoke singing and dancing skills for the grand final act!

Pioneer Day

Since I haven't been in town for Pioneer day since 1999 (when I appeared in the parade as a belle, due to the fact that my family has been in the area for a really long time...thus making me eligible to be pioneer day royalty) I was especially excited for pioneer day this year. Growing up we always went downtown Paso for pioneer day. This year it fell on conference weekend so we spent the break in between sessions on Saturday celebrating Pioneer Day in the traditional style. First we watched the end of the parade, clapping and cheering. Then we got in line for free bean, here's a pic of Me, My mom (who's excited to have someone else at home who is excited for pioneer day), and my friend Myriah who came alone to experience pioneer day Paso Robles pioneer day.

Here we are getting closer (you can see the "Beans" sign in the background). Note: My Granddad use to come downtown at 4am ever pioneer day to help make the beans, back when the Lions club made the beans from scratch...they are now premade and warmed up to serve in the park.

Here's a man serving the beans from one of several big vats of beans.

Here's me, My sister Callie and Myriah enjoying our free pioneer beans. Note my really great cowgirl shirt, very pioneerish of me.

Here we are in the pioneer day museum replica of the old post office. Our pioneer museum has really improved over the years and it was alot bigger and had alot more hands on stuff than I remember. It was especially exciting to see pictures of my ancestors in some of the displays. It was a great time.

Freshman girls night out.

As a relief society presidency we decided to follow the tradition of the presidency last year and have a freshman girls night out, just to help the girls get to know each other and us. We ate, played a get to know you game, had a spiritual thought from our RS president, and just talked. As you can see there was plenty of fun, food, and laughter. Good times.

D.I. Dance

A few weekend's ago we had a "D.I." Dance at the institute. For those of you not Utah-a-ly inclined that's, Deseret industries, which is a thrift store chain in other places especially Utah but not here in San Luis Obispo county. Anyway here's my BFF Myriah and I in our really great outfits straight from the thrift store. By the way you can't see it but I also had on a really great purple skirt to go with this lovely rainbow top and Myriah's is a full Mu-mu(Sp.) which she kindly gave to me afterward because I've really been wanting a mu-mu! Thanks buddy!