Friday, August 8, 2008

Family Camp

During the last week of July my sister Brianna and I went with our friend Hillary and her family to a camp near shaver lake called "Camp Sierra". A group of families that Hillary's family knows rent the camp for a week each summer. They plan church meetings, devotions, lake days, swim days, skit nights, and much more. It's a blast and it's in the most amazing setting. It was so great to get away and just relax for a few days.

Here we are we our "family" at the ice breaker activity: Brianna, Hillary, Tara, Dale (Hill's mom), Kevin (Hill's dad) and Jay (Kevin's friend)

Here we are ready for the opening night "ice breaker": Amanda, Me, Brianna, Hillary

Family Reunion 2008!

Ok, it's taken me forever to post again because our internet is so slow it takes forever to download pictures but I finally am buckling down. This year during the week of Fourth of July week we had a big family reunion for my Dad's side of the family at our house. We had a great time to spite having the stomach flew rampage through the entire family. I have an amazing family. We went to the beach, had water fights, were able to participate in the program of and attend the baptism of my 8 year old cousins, had a talent show, played games, and just enjoyed being together. Since I just posted pics on our family blog go ahead and click on the link to see pics.