Thursday, March 27, 2008


Last weekend we went hiking in Reservoir canyon with my Aunt and Uncle and their family. It was a really beautiful day nice and cool, while still being nice and sunny. The hike was not too difficult so it was enjoyable for all.

Here's the fam hiking along.

Some pics that I took along the way.

The stream that we hiked along.

There were several little waterfalls along the way. Gorgeous, Gorgeous California!

Cousin's Pictures

Well I'm at my brother's house right now and because he has fast internet I decided to post some more pictures from Easter evening. Here I am with my siblings.

Here we are again but this time Matthew and Callie were trying to take a more "serious" picture and Brianna and I were being silly.

Here's all of us girl cousins in what Matthew deemed our "girl band" picture.

Here we are being a little more normal.

Here's another girl cousins pic. that I thought was cute.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Sunday!

After church on Easter Sunday we took some pic's, it was such a beautiful day! Church was wonderful and dinner and spending time with my Mom's side of the family was excellent. Happy week after Easter everyone.

Dying Easter Eggs!

Easter weekend it's a tradition to dye Easter Eggs. We keep the tradition alive to spite the fact that we are all adults. This year Myriah and her Mom joined us, here they are displaying their masterpieces.

Here's my Mom and I showing what great work we did (for some reason every time I dye eggs I end up looking like a mongrel in the pics...who knows why)

Here's my sisters artistic egg decorators that they are. We ended up leaving our eggs out on the table all night and into the next day so we didn't get to eat them...who knows how that happened. Oh, well we had a great time anyway.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Side Pony St. Patty's Day!

Saint Patricks day is one of my favorite holidays. It's always so springy and nice, plus you get to dress up but you don't have to worry about. This year my sister Brianna and i decided to make a totally green meal. We made salad, garlic bread with green garlic butter, green lime aide, and noodle with pesto.

That night for FHE a bunch of us girls had Side-pony saint patty's day. Here I am with Myriah sporting our side pony's.

Here's a bunch of us girls ready for our saint patty's karaoke activity. We really know how to celebrate north county style.

Scores for Mom and Dad!

For Easter my sister Brianna and I gave our parents a card. In it I decided to make of list of scores or "points" that they have for how well their children have turned out. They were given 1 point for each child who had accomplished the listed tasks. Here it is:
High school graduates: 4
Non drug and alcohol users: 4
College graduates: 2
Grandchildren: 1 (well really .5 since my brother's wife is pregnant)
Temple marriages: 1
Children who are extremely funny: 2
Children with sense of humor: 4
perfect children: 1
mission's served: 3
Teenagers survived: 4
Seminary graduates: 4
YW medallion holders: 2.75
Total Points:32.25 Here's to many more coming your way. Good job Mom and Dad you are great parents!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Grandpa's Griffith Humor....

Yesterday we went to the LA Temple as a family in celebration of my Grandparents 55th wedding anniversary. Congrats to them! Well afterwards we went to a nice Chinese restaurant for dinner. With trying to get 13 adults seated and ready to go apparently nobody notice Grandpa talking to the hostess. Later while we were waiting for our food the waitress comes up to the table and tells us about how my grandpa had walked up to the hostess and said "where's the sand box?" she replied "I'm sorry sir we don't have a sandbox here" and he said "well then I'll pee on the floor" she quickly pointed him to the restrooms...the poor girl though he really might pee on the floor.... wow who really knows with Grandpa. Thankfully he made it to the bathroom with out any problems. Considering the fact that my Dad has this same sense of humor...I think I have many years of embarrassment ahead. sigh.

I'm a Super Star!

So this past week I had my 90 day Evaluation for work. I was a little nervous just because I know a few people who have gotten less than a gold star in these evaluations and I was being crazy emotional that week and I was afraid I'd burst into tears. Fortunately my supervisor wrote things like: "she's doing an exceptional job", "Tara is very creative and positive when working with students and it took her very little time to establish quality relationships and respect from our students", and "Tara has show herself to be very professional and have great interpersonal skills." I was blow away with all the nice comments not that they aren't true but it wasn't what I was expecting. After I was finished reading the lady in charge who was going over it with me said "well the teacher just thinks you're a super-star!" Wow imagine that me a super-star, funny.