Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Graduation Weekend

This past weekend was my graduation from grad school. Here I am hugging my department head after she "hooked" me. :) Such a happy moment.

Here I am with my friend Brooke during graduation. :) Hurrah for MSOT's.

I was really blessed to have alot of family and friends come to my graduation (one of the perks of going to school just 3 hours from home). Here I am with my aunt Jean (mom's sister).

Aunt Lisa and Uncle Joe (Dad's brother), who I'm staying with this summer while I intern, made the drive too.

My Grandma (Mom's Mom) who has been so supportive of me during my education came to help me celebrate.

Here I am with my friend Chara. She was my partner for adult clinic and she's amazing. We did it. :)

My brother and sister-in-law cam the farthest all the way from LA. I really am loved.

My one of my very best friends Hillary came to support me to, she was such a big help.

My friends Kathy and Beth came from Berkeley to show their support.

My Dad and Mom showing love to the graduate.
Me and my siblings, looking good on my graduation day.

After the graduation a bunch of us went to dinner to celebrate.

The next day was my Mom's 55th birthday here she is with the pink chocolate chip pan cakes we made for her birthday breakfast "55" and Mickey mouse.

The next day we took some pics of my sister Brianna and I in our caps and gowns to commemorate the excitement of graduating just a month a part, her with her bachelor's in elementary ed. and me with my masters in occupational therapy.

Yippee we graduated!

We did it!! It was a great time and so exciting to finally be done with course work!