Sunday, September 16, 2012

My favorite boy is 4!

 My nephew Adden turned 4 this past Saturday. He's a child after my own heart and often refers to me as his "favorite girl" (he calls my sisters and I "the girls"). Love him!  Here he is in his new birthday mask, striking a super hero pose.
 Grandma and Granddad brought him a new outfit and a Woody doll for his birthday.
 My sister-in-law Carrie got us these great glitter filled batons as a party favor. Here I am with my sister Brianna and Carrie's sister Kathy showing off our skills at baton twirling.
 Here I am with the birthday boy! LOVE IT!
 Kathy and I waiting to get this party started.
 My Dad kept Benny entertained, silly granddad.
 Benny is such a cutie!!! Can't get enough of that smile. When I told him to smile for the picture he smiled and said "cheese Daddy"....I guess we know who takes most of the pictures of him.  I love that he looks like a cartoon character in this pic.
 Benny and I ready to party.
 Carrie and Matthew rented a bounce house/water slide and fun was had by all (including the grown ups) cooling off!
 Mom and Brianna chill'n after some fun in the bounce house & a yummy BBQ lunch made by Carrie and her Mom.
 Me and my big brother after our water fight!
 Adden and Grand dad entertaining themselves while we waited for the cake.
 Adden's been really into sea animals lately so his cake was sea themed. Nice work Carrie!
 Matthew put together a clothes line with pictures of Adden growing up, it was super cute.
At the end of the day we were tired but still smiling cause we LOVE spending time with our family.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Labor Day Weekend SD style!

 Last weekend I went down to San Diego to spend Labor day weekend with my sister (and her hubby). We started out the weekend right with some Friday night YOGA in her living room and girl talk with our friend Mary who was also in SD visiting. Our Friday night YOGA session revealed that I can now do a hand stand! I've been working up to it and now I can do it! Woot, woot! Saturday morning after homemade waffles we headed to the beach.
 Here we are enjoying the sunshine.
 Mary and her BF joined us. Here we are looking the like the beach babes we are.
 Besties....3 out of 5 isn't bad. The weather was gorgeous, the waves were perfect, and the company was superb!
 After the beach we went back to B & C's apartment and prepared kabobs and B and I swam while Cameron BBQ's the delicious.
 On Sunday I went to church with B & C. Turns out everyone in SD thinks SD is utopia. It's a great place don't get me wrong...but it's still a city.  Honestly attending a family ward full of people I don't know taking about their families for 3 hours, it made me grateful for my mid singles ward. It's a great place to be when you're mid and single....better for the soul than a family ward. Here's B and I in our Sunday best.  After church we played games just like we did growing up. Good times.
 On Monday we made breakfast again and then spent the day with our good friend Bekah. Here we are taking the train to old town SD.
 Bekah and I on the train.
 We toured Old town one the museums there was this pic of the native Americans...does the name sound maybe Nephites?
 We stopped to see the donkeys....Bekah wasn't scared at all unlike some others who were deathly afraid of being bit...Cough (brianna) cough.
 We tried on some really great hats.
B looking sassy. 
  Looking oh so SD.
 We also found these great shirts...and for those that know how much we love dogs you know we were all about these.
 I found this really great bumper sticker...who doesn't want to brag about their dog for all to see?
 At work our team all call each other "boss"... I'm always telling pt's that my coworkers are "el jefe" which is "the boss" in Spanish. I couldn't resist a pic in this gem of a hat.
 Who does want to remember Jesus in ball cap form.
 We stopped by the candy shop...and I got the perfect mix of deliciousness...just enough of each type of candy. Since I don't eat much candy these days I was flying high after with a sugar rush.
 We also went to the Mormon Battalion center...if you've never been there before GO it's amazing, fun, interactive and entertaining. After our tour we got to pan for gold.
 Here's Cameron with the gold we panned.
 After our hard work panning for gold we went and got fresh tortillas made by this woman right there. They make fresh tortillas in many flavors: chocolate, cinnamon, strawberry, flour and corn. They are 2 for $1 and they are pretty much the best thing that ever happened to me. I was in LOVE.
After tortillas we went and got real food. While we were waiting for our food to arrive these gents came and sang to us. Such a great day. Such a great weekend.