Friday, August 31, 2007

Monterey Bay Aquarium

My friend Myriah got free tickets from her Dad to go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and invited me to go along. I was excited since it's been a really long time since I had been there. Here we are in front of the Aquarium.

They have a ton of different types of Jelly fish. They look so beautiful floating there behind the glass.

Here I am learning about Jelly fish stings and what to do to prevent them, quite interesting as you can tell.

Here's Myriah's cousin Mary who went with us holding up a plastic container filled with junk found in the belly of one baby albatross (large sea gull looking bird). The moral of the story: these birds are huge also don't litter you could be killing baby birds.

During our visit we listened to a presentation in the kelp forest during which they talked alot about the bad rep of sharks (here's a tiger shark we saw in another part of the aquarium) and how they really weren't that mean and that's really too bad they got such a bad rap....the next day in the paper however was an article about a great white attacking a surfer in Monterey...go figure.

One of my favorite parts of the aquarium was this cool hallway you can go into and a wave splashes over the glass above your head and it feels like you're inside a wave. It was a good time. The aquarium has really grown over the years and it was really interesting and a fun place to visit.

Lake Day

Last Saturday my family and I went with some people from my home ward to the lake just outside of Paso. Some friends brought their wave runners and were really great about sharing so I got to take it out twice. Here I am on one looking hard core.

The Lake is way down this year due to our lack of moisture so there's lots of mud and it's hard to get to shore because of all the mud holes you could sink into at any time. There was only one on the shore near where we were camped for the day and this crazy girl had fun giving herself a mud bath. Yuck!

Here's Me, My sister Callie, and our friend Hillary chill'n on the shore enjoying the sunshine.

Even my Mom enjoyed the wave runners! Here she is riding in. It was a great day.


My cousin Christina came for the wedding and spent the entire week previous to the wedding with my family. Christina, My sister Callie, and I had the chance to totally bond over pedicures, watching chick flicks, going shopping, and lots of girl talk. We wished she could have stayed longer, it was sad to say goodbye but exciting to know we'll keep in better touch from now on. There's just something about family!

The wedding

A couple of weekend's ago, my cousin Tiana got married in the LA Temple. Here's the wedding party. Notice me in my cute dress (made by my Mom-good job mom) just to the left of the bride, in my official maid of honor place. We're quite the good looking bunch if I do say so myself.

Here's me with the bride. It was really fun being her maid of honor. I really had a special place of honor at all times and I felt like I was an essential part of the wedding party.

Greta, Me, and Timbry, the brides maids, with our gorgeous flowers. This was taken at the reception after taking brides maid pictures. Surprisingly we were still able to smile and look cute to spite the fact that we had had smiles plastered on our faces for about an hour previous to when this picture was taken.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tiana's Bridal shower

My cousin Tiana asked me to be her maid of honor. Due to the fact that I had never even been in a wedding party I was a little nervous...what does a maid of honor even do? After I got my self together I discovered that my first order of business was the bridal shower. With lots of help from family and friends it all came together quite nicely. Here I am pictured with my baked goods I made for the shower.

Here's Tiana and I at the shower. Notice she's wearing the sash I made her which had a pin on it that said "bride to be", so cute.

Here she is getting a kick out the the lingerie my sister Callie and I got her. It was a great shower if I do say so myself, plus now I know how to do it for my future wedding party being in needs.

Midstate Fair and concerts

This year I went to the California Midstate fair to see a Collin Ray concert with my friend Myriah (seen here in the pic with me), my Grandma, My parents, and My Aunt, and my cousin Tiana. My grandma was so excited, because apparently he's pretty dreamy....I can't really see it, but the show was a good time anyway. I especially loved it when he sang, "One boy, one girl...". So Romantic. The next day My Mom and I went to Martina McBride! Little Big Town opened for her and they were fantastic. She did an amazing job! My fav. was "Independence Day", of course cause that's my fav. on Karaoke, and with her ability to belt it, I felt completely at liberty to sing along at the top of my lungs. Good times!