Sunday, December 18, 2011

Work Christmas Party

Friday night was our work Christmas party. I wasn't going to go....but since it was right after work I decided to go. I figured why food & the possibility of winning a I really do like my co-workers. Here I am with my favorite co-worker M. She is a PT and we are the 2 main therapist. We have a good time and always laugh alot, which I'm all for.

Here I am with my work besties. These girls work in the office across the hall from our rehab room since the work in our records department I see alot of naturally I just started call them my besties. We still call each other bestie when we see each other in the hall.

The rehab crew minus one of our PT assistance who didn't attend. I work with some great people. And in spite of the fact that I didn't win a prize. It was still a good time.

Here I am with "R" we went through orientation on the same day and in spite of the fact that we work in different departments we've got each other's back.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dineyland at Christmas

Last weekend I went to visit Hillary. We of course planned ahead to meet at our favorite spot Disneyland. Turns out on a Friday afternoon it takes roughly 3 hours to travel about 50 miles. It was a long trip. Lucky for me the park stays open til midnight so I still got to enjoy some Disney/Christmas joy with Hill and her friend Anthony. Here's the big tree looking all festive.

The castle is so pretty with all the white lights.

After we grabbed a quick dinner we headed over it's a small world. There was a large crowd in front of the ride but nobody was in line. Not knowing what was going on I forged ahead "excusing" myself and my friends until we were almost to the front where we confronted a wall of people and could not get through. It was at this point I realized the ride was not open. oops. It turns out it was the prime spot to watch the fireworks. ooops. Well we couldn't really go back the way we came so we watched the fireworks from our great spot and the enjoyed the magic of SNOW falling from the "sky". You can see some of the white stuff in the picture above. Very cool.

It's a small world got going pretty quickly after the fireworks were over. Isn't it beautiful and festive.

This little girl was dancing under the Christmas lights while her parents waited in was just cute and princessish I had to snap a photo.

Here we are finally on the ride. So festive. We also were able to watch Fantasmic, window shop, and get in a couple of other rides before the end of the night. Good times and totally worth it in spite of the 3 hour commute. Plus I got to catch up with Hill & get in some shopping, girl time, and a christmas party the next day. Good times.

Greatest Cookies of all TIME!!!

The first weekend in December we decided to start the season off right with some baking.In the greatest way possible.
1. First, I made cookie dough following a basic recipe for chocolate chip cookies...the came the genius part.
2. I chopped up nuts and put them in bowls, and filled several other bowls with chocolate chips and M&Ms.
3.Then each person took some dough and mixed his or her own cookie with just the right amount of his or her preferred toppings.
4. Bake and enjoy. YUM. Here's me with mine. As you can see I was quite satisfied.

Adden really liked his too. :)Love the holidays. Love cookies. Life is good.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thankgoodness for Thanksgiving

This year after starting a new new job I couldn't have been more thankful for the break that thanksgiving provided. I was able to get the day after thanksgiving off so I got to go home for a 4 day weekend. What a lucky lady I am to have my wonderful family and the beautiful foliage to welcome me home.

On thanksgiving day, in spite of the fact that there were only 3 of us cousins there (Brianna was in AZ with her BF and Callie and Sadie are in China) we still did our traditional cousins photo shoot.

Striking a pose. Good thing I have mine at the ready at all times. :)

A pilgrim, a turkey, and an Indian.

Cousins. Classic brick pose. Isn't it great that we all have a similar hair color?

Valley girl pose.

Now one with Mike.

I'm obsessed with feet shots. Aren't my new shoes super cute? I'm so now, now that I have a job.

After dinner came gingerbread house making. Never too old for this to be entertaining.

Here's the finished products. Mine on the Left, then Addies, Katies, and last Mikes. They all turned out fabulously.

The next evening Matthew and Carrie came with the boys and B and Cameron got home Friday afternoon, so we all spent the weekend together. Here's Benny with Grandma.

He's just soooooooooooo cute.

Sisters in the fall (that's what I call this pic...It think it's a romantic title in the Anne Shirley way, don't you?)

I picked pomegranates while I was home. I found this awesome pomegranate....what does it remind you of? Hidden mickey possibly?

Adden and Grandma having a good time.

On Sunday evening we took a walk before it was time for us So. Cal Griffiths to get on the road. It was a beautiful evening.

soooo lovely. I want to build a house at the end of this path someday.

Hillary ... Adden's new favorite.

Lipstick and track suites the perfect family walk ensemble.

Benny loves being outside & his Aunt Tara.

Grandma and Adden racing.

Another generation of Griffiths enjoying the Ranch.

Me and my wonderful Mom, the founder of the feast!

It was a wonderful break and I left home with my heart full of gratitude for my family, friends, and a amazing place I call home!

Girls Weekend with the besties!

Before I moved to LA my closest girlfriends in SLO and I planned a girls weekend for them to come visit in November...after I had time to get settled. They drove down on Friday night and we stayed in the Temple apartments. After a long week we were all tired but we had plenty of junk food to get us hyped up.

Here we are besties reunited. Shayla, Rachel, Me, Brianna, & Mary.

The next morning after Mary woke us all up at an ungodly hour we went to the Temple to do baptisms. It was a wonderful experience to be in the Temple and feel the spirit there. When we asked a random stranger to take our picture, he asked me if I wanted the Temple in it. I said yes and this is what I got....apparently the spire isn't important.

The besties on the Temple grounds.

Me and Mary.

Me and Rachel: Sassy Twins.

Me and Brianna: Sisters

Me and Shayla

After the Temple we went to the Chinese theater in downtown LA and checked out the stars hand prints, oh so very LA of us, I know.I think B and I both have bigger feet than John Wayne.

Shirey Temple, one of our favorite actresses growing up.

Shayla and I showing the love for Bing Crosby! Best Christmas album EVER....Amazing actor/dancer/singer.

Mary and I showing the love for WILL SMITH! Hottie.

Julie Andrews....hand print twins with Rachel and I. :)

Making sure a breeze doesn't blow up my dress when I'm on Marilyn Monroe's square

The girls and I with Cary Grant's square. What a guy. :)

Dick Van Dyke AMAZING and oh so talented.

Clint Eastwoods square "made my day".

After the theater we were off to an over crowded Mall before heading back to our hotel, eating way too much, swimming, and getting very little sleep... but as always it was great just being together and being girls. The next day Brianna headed off early and the rest of us went to church before the other girls headed for home. It was a great weekend spent with some of the greatest girls I know.