Thursday, September 18, 2008

MOT Class of 2010!

This may be kinda silly but today my Anatomy teacher gave us a picture list of our entire class of MOT students and on the side it says MOT class of 2010 and it just made me so excited! We're the SMC MOT Class of 2010! I'm so excited to become and OT and for the adventure that the next 2 years will be!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wonderful Weekend of Visitors

This pas Friday my cousin Tiana came into town. Her husband was attending a dental conference in SF so I went and pick her up and we spent the afternoon together. I took her on a fun filled tour of my townhouse, my school, and then on to the Temple. We walked around the grounds including the garden on top of the Temple. It was beautiful. Afterwards we went shopping and had lunch it was a great day. Here's some pics of us on the Temple grounds.

That night my friend Myriah came into town. We started out with dinner at this great pizza place in Berkley it was delicious and very filling. Then we went and go gelato which was also wonderful because they had 6 lactos free flavors! (very lacto friendly of them). Here's a pic of our pizza!

The next day we took a tour of SF on an open-topped double decker bus. Here I am riding through the city in style.

This is one of the landmarks we saw on our tour they call these cute houses the painted ladies:

This is a statue the pointed our on our tour, it is located in golden gate park.

This is a statue of a man who helped preserve this land as a park...he was adamantly against having statues in the park (I thought it was funny they made a statue of him when he was so against it).

Here I am going through the tunnel toward the golden gate bridge...we were out in the open and they kept telling us how close we were to the walls and roof.

Here we are with our hair whipping around in the wind crossing the golden gate bridge (it was freezing).

Here's a pic I took of the bridge it is really pretty.

Here's Myriah and I having dinner at the rain forest cafe at the end of our day.
It was a fun filled weekend!

I'm an Aunt!

My nephew Adden Dean was Born Monday! He's the first grandchild in our family so it's my first time being an aunt! So exciting Here's a pic, isn't he precious?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tour of our House!

Here's our little town house from the outside.

Here's our entryway.

Here's our laundry room just to the left of the door! I absolutely love this feature of our house! I feel like it's such a luxury since I've never had a washer and dryer in my apartment.

Here's our kitchen, it's kinda small but nice.

Here's our dinning room including out sliding door out to our patio and storage unit (my roommates are keeping their bikes in there...for now).

Here's our living room. It's very cosy. I love reading my scriptures on the couch in the morning and I can open the curtains and let the light come in.

Here's the first part of our stairs, note this is the beginning of the pink carpeting.

Here's the 2nd just keeps getting pinker.

Here's the bathroom my room-roommate and I share. It has 2 sinks which are separated from the bathroom by a door which makes it possible for one of us to get ready while the other is in the bathroom and/or for both of us to get ready at the same time, it's so nice!

Here's my side of the room...that basket was filled with the last of my stuff to put away...I'm now completely unpacked and put away. I really love our house and the little community we live in it's very homey and feels safe.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Top Ten Reasons I'm happy I moved to Oakland!

1.I'm only 15 minutes from the Temple.
2. My ward is super friendly, especailly the young men!
3. I'm only 3 hours from my home town and can see my family often!
4. I am a grad student at a school that is very much about the students.
5. I get to live in an adorable little town house.
6. My roommates are great.
7. People here keep telling me I'm beautiful (don't worry I wont get a big head but seriously this has happen to me about 4 times since I've been here).
8. I'm still near the ocean.
9. There's alot to do an see and explore...
10. I know this is where I'm supposed to be and there's alot of peace in that.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


So my new ward went to Yosemite this weekend to camp and hike half dome and since I'm really trying to just jump right in I went along (there was a group of people not going on the hike that were hanging out and doing shorter hikes, another important reason why I went). We all arrived Friday night and set up our beds under the stars (above is a pic I took of our tarps and one girl still sleeping in the morning). It was beautiful.

In the morning I went with two girls from my ward for a 5 mile hike along a beautiful reservoir. Here we are at the beginning of the hike.

Here's a beautiful view from along the trail.

Here's another beautiful view from close to the end.

Here's a pic of half dome from the valley floor where we met up with the rest of the non half dome group after our hike. I figured I would take of pic of it since most of the ward spent the day actually hiking it.
Here's a friendly deer we met as we were walking across the parking lot to go swimming.

Here's a beautiful spot along the river where we went swimming and floated along on blow-up rafts that our bishops wife brought along. It was a wonderful day and so Relaxing. After swimming we went back to Curry village and waiting for our ward members to get back from the hike. Once our car was full we headed out. Our trip home was full of bonding we chatted, laughed, listened to music and sang along. It was an amazing trip.