Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012...it's going to be a good year.

I've had a feeling from the start that 2012 is going to be a good year. Maybe because I spent new years day with these two. We went to church in the morning & were inspired. After church we celebrated by toasting the new year.

Cheers to 2012. Callie, me and Sadie.

Sadie and I laughing while making pizza. Always a good time.

Callie's China Callie pose. Looking good, Cal.

My L.A. Tara pose.

After our celebration I remembered my wish bone from the Christmas eve turkey and decided to pull it with Callie before we left to take her to meet up with her roommate so she could head back to BYU-I. This is the result. Nobody won...or maybe we both won. I'm going to go with that because I have a feeling it's going to be a good year.

New Years Eve with the folks from C-town

On New years eve I spend the evening with Myriah and her Friends from Chicago. Here we are during a BFF photo shoot. We look good, as we should.

As part of the celebration M-dawg's friend Diana entertained the children with those little poppers that make a loud noise when you throw them down. The kids really liked it.

This hat was laying around the house so to supplement the entertainment provided by the Cohen children doing charades (they are really good by the way). I decided to take pics of everyone wearing this really great hat. Here's mine. Mysterious no?

Myriah dazzling us with her talent.

Mary decided to go gangster.

Hats off to Diana's style.

Tip my hat to you my friend.

Well Jimmy....he just looks like a passed out drunk.

We had a great time & it's nice to get to know some c-town peps and be reassured Myriah has some great friends to keep her in-line when I can't be there. Happy New Year everyone!

We enjoy family time. :)

The day after Christmas we went to Pismo and took a walk on the beach with Aunt Lisa and uncle Joe. Here's Uncle Joe and Dad enjoying the beautiful California day in December.

Mom looking like the California girl she is.

The girls and Dad: Me, Callie, Dad, Brianna, with warm sand in the background.

A few days latter we enjoyed a walk on the Ranch with Grandma Shirley and Aunt Lynn. I know Grandma looks cold...but I'm pretty sure it was in the low 70s. :)

Adden and Callie enjoying the view.

We also spent one evening with the Griffiths at Grandma and Grandpas house, here are Callie and I enjoying candy canes on our way. What a great week of family and fun.

Christmas Day Griffith style

We had the Griffith family Christmas Day celebration at our house this year. I love it when Christmas day is on a Sunday. It's just so Christmas-ie to attend church and sing Christmas Carols and talk about Christ on Christmas. After church and some cleaning I made homemade lemonade for the celebration. Doesn't it look pretty?

We ate dinner and spent time together. Here's my cousin Brent, his wife Mete, and Grandpa Dean enjoying the evening.

Uncle Joe cuddling his new Grandson Mateo.

Aunt Lisa and Adrian played domino's while Dani played on the phone.

My Dad and Michael did the dishes, such good guys.

The Richards joined us for the celebration. Here's Hill and I looking festive.

Mom's and daughters on Christmas eve. Mom, Hill, Aunt Dale, me

Model pose: Mom and Brianna

Model pose: uncle Kevin and Dad.....sorry guys I think the girls did a better job. It was a good night full of family and friends, as it should be. Love Christmas.

A very Cowboy Christmas at the Ranch...

For those of you who are regular readers of my blog you already know that we have themed Christmas eves. This year was no different. We had Cowboy Christmas eve. Here we are my sisters and I ready for night of merriment.

The sibs "cowboy up".

My grandma and I. I know she doesn't look very cowgirlish but she is a true cowgirl at heart. :) My grandma use to ride her horse over to her friends house and they would ride around their adjoining ranches for hours, enjoying the fresh air & cooking potatoes in the coals of a fire they built themselves. If that's not cowgirl I don't know what is.

Callie and Sadie...cowboyed up just a few days after returning from teaching English in china.

My parents of course got into the spirit as well.

Here's all the girl cousins. Some fine looking country girls, if I do say so myself.

All the cousins & spouses (or soon to be).

Sisters waiting for the talent show to start.

Sassy cowgirls.

Adden started off the talent show with and interpretive dance to Adel's "Rolling in the deep" the kid has moves.

The girls singing "feels like Christmas" from Muppet's Christmas carol. Such a good one.

Aunt Lynn and Addie did "I got chew babe" soooo funny.

Sadie and Callie made up a country tune telling a tale of their trip to china.

Mom finished things of by reading a letter written many years ago by Granddad's aunt about our Norwegian ancestors Christmas celebration.

Mom and I, with some help from B, made Krumkaka's (a Norwegian cookie) for dessert, just like our ancestors would have on a Christmas eve day. Such a fun night. Love my family.

Lights at the LA Temple and bellsicians

A couple of weeks before Christmas my ward went to the LA temple visitors center for FHE. There was a bell choir concert in one of the big rooms and we enjoyed the christmasiness of it all. This "bell choir" got me wondering what do you call someone who plays the bells? A bell-a-teer? A bell-sician? What sparks someone to become passionate about playing the bells? Well whatever the answer to these questions these folks were good at what they do & they looked good in their white gloved glory.

Afterwards we walked around the Temple and admired the beautiful lights. I love the Temple. The Temple & Christmas lights = Christmas spirit in abundance.