Monday, November 5, 2012

pumpkin carving, still a good time!

As a single person I really wasn't sure if I would carve a pumpkin this year. So when FHE was announced as a pumpkin carving I was in. I decided to go wild and try doing something different than my typical jack-o-lantern. First I picked a pattern of a haunted house..but as I went to tape it to my pumpkin a friend came by and, having experience with such patterns himself, helped me pick one that would be easier. I chose a scary eye ball. Honestly I was a little skeptical about using a pattern and if it would turn out as expected.
Here I am with the finished product. It worked, success!
Finished pumpkin, I was pretty proud of how cool it looked.
My friend Ritz and I with our pumpkins. Lesson learned: pumpkin carving is still a good time...and even if you're not artistic, those cut outs can really work. :)

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