Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Branch campout

Last weekend was our branch camping trip. Since I just didn't get enough camping in this summer I decided I just had to go. After work Friday I met up with my friends Kendra, Ryan, and Amber and after a quick bite we headed up to the camp ground. Our trip up was lots of fun chatting and singing along with the radio! When we arrived we used Kendra's lanterns and put up our tent. We've got skills. Here's Ryan, Amber and I with the finished product.
Then came relaxing around the fire...and of course eating good food. Here's Amber, Me, and Kendra around the fire.
Ryan, President Jackson, Brandon, Adrian, and Rusty enjoying the fire and good company!
The beautiful fire.
My roommate Tamar and I looking campy hoot! Hanging out around the fire was great. That night was extremely cold! Even with 3 pairs of socks, leggings, sweats, long sleeves, a sweatshirt, and my head covered, I was still super cold and didn't get much sleep.
But not to worry we all made it through to the morning & a beautiful morning it was!
Here's our crew enjoying breakfast burritos made by our branch presidency. They were amazing!
Enjoying the beautiful morning and sunshine.
Amber and I enjoying the fire in the morning.
Amber making pancakes for the group. Such a stud!
Blanca and I, survivors of the cold.
On our way home we went for a hike. It was a beautiful day. Also we sang along the trail which made it even more amazing!
Amber and Ryan got creative in their posing....this looks kind of twilight-ish right?
Amber and I enjoying the beauty of nature and fresh air on our hike. Can't tell you how nice it was to get out in nature and enjoy the peace, fresh air, and friendship found there.

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