Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Happy haunting 2012

On Halloween morning our rehab team all showed up in black. Here we are the dream team! Love, Love, Love my Coworkers. AJ our funny guy, the health nut & the muscles of the crew; Me the singer of songs, quick to laugh & bringer of attitude; Marlou the big boss, quick witted & smart, Ben the money maker, nice guy, the whooer of women.
We went through many costume ideas but finally settled on vampires. I went and bought capes, make up, and teeth. During lunch I busted out the make up and helped make everyone look scary. Marlou made it clear she had never dressed up in the 6 years she has worked at our facility but was willing to do it cause she knew it meant a lot to me. Love that they were all willing to indulge me. :)
Looking scary and Hott!
Our DON was Dracula and we were his minions during the costume parade. We won 2nd place in the costume contest! Frightening aren't we?
After work I stopped by my brothers house for dinner and to see them in their costumes. Here I am with my brother the cowboy.
Adden was diago! Such a cutie.
Benny was the cutest monkey on earth!
Then I went to meet up with friends and head to Hollywood for the big costume party in the street. Since parking is a nightmare down there on halloween we decided to take public transportation. Here we are waiting for the bus.
Yep it's halloween on the bus.
Nick, Naomi, Justin, and Kimberlee on the bus. Naomi's old lady costume was amazing. Also riding the bus reminded me of how stinky bus riding can be. whew.
It took FOREVER to get downtown including 2 buses, lots of walking, and a potty break but we finally make it. The costumes were AMAZING! Here's some of our group with some particularly awesome ones, Marie was the girl from Brave (her costume was amazing), Nick and Justin jumped in there too.
We bought bacon wrapped hot dogs. They were delicious!
Some of the costumes were wild, as expected for Hollywood.
We took a break and enjoyed the costumes as people walked by. So entertaining.
One of my favorite groups of the nights, these women did an awesome job dressing as the witches from hocus locus!
There was even a visit from the ghost busters car! So awesome!
Nick even met his possible future bride while we were waiting for the bus. We ended up taking a cab home so we could get a bit of sleep before work the next morning. It was a wild Halloween, full of once in a lifetime experiences. Nice work LA.

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Callie said...

That looks super fun! I love the hocus pocus witches their costumes were great!