Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Celebrating SD style

 Last weekend I went with my parents down to San Diego, to visit my sister Brianna and her husband Cameron, and to celebrate Brianna's birthday. Here we are on Saturday morning ready to celebrate. Me, Brianna, and Mom.
 Me, Dad, and Brianna ready for a day of celebrating.
 First came breakfast. We went to a really cute restaurant where we all tried new dishes. I got lemon poppy seed waffles. SO carb-a-licious.
 Me and my little sis. Happy birthday baby girl!
 Next we went to a football game at SDSU stadium. It was free hat day. When we arrived they just run  out of hats at our gate so we went to the next gate, as we walked up they gave out the last hat, oh no... so we rushed on and finally arrived at a gate with hats. Here we are celebrating our free gift.
 At the beginning of the game they had the usual opening ceremony followed by a really cool fly by by these airplanes.
 Mom and I looking sporty in our new hats.
 B and I looking gangster while waiting for the game to start.
 The Aztecs were playing Air force. I was really impressed that the air-force players actually knelt and prayed in the in zone before starting the game.
 Here we are enjoying the game, I somehow was sporting a nice "snooki" poof when I put my hat on backwards.
Dad, Mom, and I enjoying the game.
 This is the mascot of the Aztecs. He was really enjoying his roll...and showing off his body...it was entertaining to say the least.
 The day was cold 60 degrees, and windy. We kept warm with jackets, blankets, and hot chocolate.
 During half time I saw something  I haven't seen in awhile, a girl twirling batons I didn't know they even did that in college. She was good at it too in spite of the fact that she had to have been freezing!
 Because it was the birthday of the Marines they honored some local Marines at the game. I felt so patriotic! Happy birthday Marines, thanks for all you do to keep us safe.
 Air force fought a good fight. Here are some Air force fans, these guys kept their shirts off the entire game in spite of the cold. They were hardcore.
 After the game and shopping we went back to Brianna and Camerons place for dinner. Dad bbq'd and deliciousness was consumed.
 The next morning we went to church. B and I traded clothes as per usual when we get together. Here we are ready to go.
 After church we ate cake. Since we didn't have any candles B had to blow out her scented candle. One candle for her first birthday as a married woman.
After cake we played a few games of golf, our recent fav family card game, then yummy dinner. Fun weekend full of good times with family.

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